Any anime series that you've been enjoying?
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I like everything except for the fillers. Ahhhh, they're so annoying! That's how I started watching One Piece!

Most are, definitely. The current episodes (All the Zanpakutō's being brought out into their released form) seems like it's going to be a good filler. I've never read the manga so I'm alright with some fillers. The bount one was terrible.
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Been a while posting here...

Canaan is rather mediocre after initial buzz wore off.. Still watching it but there are better shows from July IMO.

I've been keeping with most everything (about 20shows currently following) with the exception of Zan z2bow Sensei and Umimonogatari.

The shows I am really enjoying now include: Hayate no Gotoku!!, Haruhi 2, NEEDLESS, Bakemonogatari, Aoi Hana and Taisho Yakyuu Musume.

Kanamemo is kinda like Hyakko to me, in the sense that it was a mild disappointment at first but grew on me with more episodes. Makes a pretty decent watch as of the last episode. Gendai Mahou is just ok, but Koyomi is pure win
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That's because Cross Game is good stuff. I stopped watching the anime since I read the manga, but I would definitely be eagerly waiting for each episode if this wasn't the case.
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Soul Eater =), japanese not english...not as good as the manga. But too bad, i love Shinigami too much haha
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Hell Girl
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OP theme is getting some good responses from people.

I prefer this season's opening theme to the opening theme from the first season. Somehow, the pacing seems more in keeping with Haruhi's nature than the first one did.
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Well, i finished watching the episodes of One Piece I missed till the 415.

Then I started watching 07-Ghost... Hmm something that doesn't take me into the series so far...

Watched Princess lover!, and damn it is hilarious. Getting more interesting than I thought.

I also have to watch again Baccano! It was nice, but needs a second watch.

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