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Announcing CTM's Da Vinci Series Review Tour


Which model do you anticipate will suit you best?

  1. Da Vinci IX

  2. Da Vinci X

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  1. Clear Tune Monitors

    As the long awaited shipping date for the Da Vinci Series gets closer, we believe it’s the perfect time for a Review Tour so our esteemed Head-Fiers can be among the first to have the inside scoop. This time around, our selected reviewers will have the opportunity to experience first hand both of our new models, the DaVinci IX and DaVinci X and spend a whole week enjoying them so they can make an honest review.


    The DaVinci Series have already been a global phenomena in it’s pre-release phase at trade shows, so we will be covering as much ground as possible and for this tour we’ll include: United States, Europe, South-East Asia and Japan. In order to be eligible please reply to this post with the following information:

    • Geographic Area/Country (i.e. Italy, Europe).

    • Review Credentials.

    • Why you’d like to review the Da Vinci Series.

    Rules are easy:

    • Shipping to the first reviewer is on us.

    • Upon reception of the units, reviewer has one whole week to enjoy before shipping them to the next reviewer.

    • Fill the supplied log with your reception date, shipping date and product condition.

    • A comprehensive review is expected so please don’t rush it, but don’t lag either. Also, ship to the next reviewer as promptly as possible.

    If you’re selected, we will PM you requesting further details. Feel free to contact us back if you need any info from us.

    Looking forward to having those Da Vincis tour the world!
  2. tenedosian
    Hi from Turkey!

    I don't know where to locate Turkey (as it has land on both Europe and Middle East) : )

    Here are some of my past reviews :

    Hifiman Edition S : https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/hifiman-edition-s.21638/reviews

    Aune M1S : https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/aune-m1s-32-384-dsd128-balanced-portable-music-player.22222/reviews

    JDS Labs OL DAC : https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/jds-labs-ol-dac.22148/reviews#review-19147

    I am not very familiar with CTM products yet, but both models do look highly ambitious - especially Da Vinci X - so I would like to give them a try ; hoping I might be surprised, and in a positive way!
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  3. pinkzeppelincult
    US reviewer here.

    My most recent review, of the Empire Ears Phantom, may be found here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/empire-ears-phantom.23164/reviews#review-20712

    And here is another, of the InEar ProPhile 8S: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/inear-prophile-8.22064/reviews#review-20391

    The above reviews do not contain pictures or comments on packaging, but I'm more than willing to provide those for the DaVincis if required.

    I'd like to review the DaVincis because I'm currently in the market for a new flagship, and I'm always excited for new releases. Information on the DaVincis seems fairly scarce, so what better way to see what they're about than to test them myself?
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  4. Asspirin


    Review Credentials:


    several reviews on my personal blog in german:


    While I'd like to review the Da Vinci:

    I'm always interested in the newest tech and also trying to up my review game. I'm also a decent product photographer, so expect some delicious pictures. Some examples:

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  5. Grimbles
    Great pictures chap
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  6. Grimbles
    1) Location: UK

    2) some recent reviews:





    3) Why the CTM da vinci?

    This is kit that is currently out of my price bracket. I want to know if i can hear the difference, and if so, share with interested head-fiers what this much money buys you in an iem. Im fascinated to see if your custom 4 way crossover and WISE technology can really create a 10/10 sound across all metrics.
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  7. ngoshawk
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  8. Audio Addict Contributor
    Good luck on the tour and look forward to the reviews. I enjoy my CT-500 Elites and I can only speculate how good the Da Vinci must be, especially to live up to that name.
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  9. Wannabenewton
    Location: India

    Review: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/review/20914/

    Why I'd like to review the Da Vinci:

    I want to experience the most neutral and detailed sound that totl monitors have to offer and i'd like to compare it against the campfire Andromeda and Atlas and the like.

    P.s is there any stipulated parcel service or method
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  10. Layman1
    • Geographic Area/Country: England, Europe

    • Review Credentials: several other reviews on here, including other flagship IEMs
    • https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/review/20405/ Mason V3 ($2800) review tour
    • https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/noble-audio-katana.21779/reviews Noble Audio Katana (9 driver flagship IEM, owned)
    • https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/ibasso-it03.21824/reviews Another IEM, hybrid, which punched well above its weight!
    • Why you’d like to review the Da Vinci Series:
    • I love the styling firstly, and I owned the Noble Katana, also a 9 driver flagship so I'd love to hear another company's implementation of this set up (and your 10 driver X of course!).
    • Also, I think it's great that you're sending both models out to each reviewer, which will permit a lot more comparison and more comprehensive reviews! Finally, I'm simply curious! I haven't tried your products before, but I like your passionate approach and engagement with the community so I'm really interested to see what you've got :)
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  11. suman134
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  12. SoundDouble
    Hello All,

    - Miami, FL. USA

    - My only review at the moment. So I know I don't have the experience of more seasoned reviewers on the site.

    - I'm actually interested for a couple reasons. I would like to see if the extra crossover in the mids of the X causes some disjointed sounds. I want to see what the totl iems sound like compared to mid and lower priced. Edit: The noise isolation is also interesting. Not that I would use these at work, but my job is 75-80db constant. Also get better at my reviewing/photography.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
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  13. Dobrescu George
  14. Wannabenewton
    Have you tried either of these, what do you think of them?
  15. aaron811
    • Hi, everyone. My name is Aaron. Im from Longview, WA USA

    • I am a long time head-fi member and answer questions andahave put in my unbiased two cents on just aboutevery product I've purchased on various forums(former account name beasley128). I am an audiophile enthusiast, and I own a computer repair store with a small section dedicated to pro-audio of all types (home sourround, computer audio, external dac, portable, headphones, etc) and audition my own purchased products to a fair amount of my customers.

    • I would be greatly eager to try out either of them but your Da Vinci Series x has my extreme curiosity. Your company has had my curiosity and interest for some time now. I've printed out a number of ads and pages for customers to see and im sad to say there is a void when it comes to my knowledge or experience with your products. I have read many positive reviews and am eager to try as well as some customers suggestions and interest as well. So the interest is there, and high.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2018
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