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.....and, I'm up for air!

Discussion in 'Tyll's Blog' started by Tyll Hertsens, Nov 21, 2018.
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  1. doraymon
    No problem, he takes calls on his mobile for headphone advice from 9-12 every Monday.
    I will PM you the number...
    I totally agree with you, he is missed, a lot!
  2. KG Jag
    The site is very different since Tyll retired.
  3. Hal Rockwell
    Don't even know how it looks like those days. Stopped following Inner Fidelity about a month after Tyll left. Who needs another site that covers meets and reviews gear? Where's the added value?
  4. Clemmaster
    It's all in that beard and hipster lifestyle!
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  5. KG Jag
    ^^ ??? Reviewing headphones and related gear, as well as covering meets and industry events is precisely what Tyll did. Few, if any, I know say that Tyll, who brought us the first portable headphone amps, failed to provide "added value".

    Now at IF those same general things are still done, but by mostly different people and in a different way and style. I agree that today the amount of added value of IF is usually not that great.
  6. abvolt
    I sure do agree with that..
  7. Hal Rockwell
    And what about all of the "Science behind the technology" articles whe wrote?

    The measurements explanations and bunch of other headphone related stuff?
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  8. KG Jag
    ^ Yes there is a great deal less of most things that at least some of the community have found to be of value. And yes much, if not all, of what you mentioned can also be found right here and on other sites as well.

    Individual mileage varies. Yet probably the most bemoaned and missed--by more community members than the items you mentioned--is the Wall of Fame, which is now a legacy and not a living thing. I wonder when they will take it down all together.
  9. Richter Di
    I so much agree. I miss him too!

    Really? You can just call him? In which time zone is he?

    The problem is that at least I do not know the reviewers and they change all the time. I loved this single voice approach of innerfidelity with some cat fights with Bob Katz inbetween. BTW what happened to him. His blog has also not been updated since May 2018

    The science part was so incredible valuable. He really tried to understand for himself but took us a long on the journey.

    I have to be honest I have a hard time to to navigate this head-fi and the web to find something similar wha Tyll did. In case you have any tipps this would be highly appreciated.

    You are so right. I still go there and read about certain headphones and base buying decisions on them.
  10. Evshrug
    This is Totally what Tyll is like! Hope he’s still having fun and enjoying the time to fiddle around with making stuff :)
  11. alokjuyal
    hey Tyll!! Need to come up for air now, its been a while :)
  12. greenkiwi
    We should have someone offer to transcribe phone messages into posts for him... And or, are there other places to follow? A blog? Medium? Where we could get our fix?
  13. Khronos
    And thus, the legend comes back... in contact with the HIFI world since- 11 months ago. I'm Late.
    Anyways, Innerfidelity is now... eh. They still have not produced part 2 of their Quad Era One, which was their product of the year. Look, placing a product as "Product of the year" without going in depthas to how it sounds is both lazy and quite asinine, IMHO. But Oh Well!

    Anywas, this post is only to get notifications!:floatsmile::floatsmile::floatsmile:
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  14. abvolt
    I agree @Khronos that site's now dead to me..
  15. JamieMcC
    Tyll is probably hold up the mountains somewhere having diy-ed himself a still.

    Have a image in my head of him happily sipping moonshine under the stars the camp fire crackling as he throws on another log leaning back on his chair watching the orange embers as they lazily float up into the night sky.
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