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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by rudi0504, Oct 19, 2012.
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  1. rudi0504
    Hi All

    I want Sharing portable headphone amplifier TU -05b from Analog Squared Paper audio company In Japan AS follow

    Full tube portable 3S4
    Headphone Amplifier TU-05b

    In response to requests from owners of the TU-03s series is unique design TU-05, from the housing that was more compact and lighter, has achieved high portability and modular frame structure. Without muddy buck-boost switching power supply with improved efficiency, the use of lithium-ion battery, the purity of the TU series, it is a full tube headphone amplifier ultimate newly reconstructed. You can vacuum tube can be replaced easily like a lens of a SLR camera, and you can feel the difference in sound, Nde enjoy the tube than ever.
    Symmetric design circle white illumination tradition, with no plug-in starter switch, were examined in black anodized, to ensure a high robustness.

    Specifications Output 30mW +30 mW
    Compatible headphones 8Ω ~ 200Ω
    F 30 ~ 30,000 [Hz]
    W 130 H44 D180 [mm]
    Charger power only

    Please see the pictures below









  2. flatmap
    Very sweet.  Love the retro leather carrying case.
  3. ianmedium


    Military valves have different markings to commercial valves. Most have a CV number (CV = common valve) It is best explained with an example. I recently sold some E88CC or 6922 with the following markings CV2492 KB/AD ZF. Decoded this means:

    CV2492 is saying this is an E88CC or 6922 or any other equivalvent - ie a high class 6DJ8 or ECC88.

    K is saying this valve has been made to specification K1001 or K1006 if it had been a J it would have meant it was made to a JAN or MIL spec.

    B is saying the qualification approval was given by a UK authority, if it had been a U it would be US or a D for Australia or an X for DERAD Air approval.

    AD is the factory identification code in this case Brimar rochester plant. There are several pages of codes and some of those you might look out for as well respected makers of valves are D Mullards Mitcham, DA Mullard Blackburn, DB Mullard Salford, DC Mullard Whytleafe, DE Mullard Fleetwood, DF Mullard Waddon, DH Phillips France, L MOV pre 1951, Q English electric, QB Marconi, QC marconi, R Ferranti, Z MO Hammersmith, ZA MOV Gateshead, ZB MOV Perivale, ZC MOV springvale, ZD MOV Dover.

    ZF is the date code which was 1968 June. . The first letter representing the year starting at A for 1945 and second the month so AA would be 1945 January, AB is 1945 February and NF 1956 June and so on with I and O not being used.

    There is another system of date marking used from about 1965 onwards and that consisted of four digits, the first two being the year and the last two being the week so 6407 would be February 1964. The date code was the date the code was put on the valve so if there may be an earlier manufacturers code on the valve as well.

    If you have found this useful please vote YES below as this will enable more people to see it and encourage me to write more guides on valves. If there is something incorrect please email me and tell me so i can put it right.


    Ian's Tube Cleaning Method

    German Guys Tube Compatibility table



    DF91 STAGE:

    tubesame typeheater voltagemAcompatible (if)powersave moderemark
    DF911T4, W17, 1K2, 1F31.4V 50mAyesnotested
    1T4T, 1T4SF1.4V 25mAyesno
    DF9041U41.4V 50mAyesnotested
    DF961AJ4, 1F33, EP2021.4V 25mAyesnotested
    DF971AN51.4V 25mApin 4 and 5 connectednotested
    1F34 1.2V ?heater voltage resistornonot tested yet

    DL92 STAGE:

    tubesame typeheater voltagemAcompatible (if)powersave moderemark
    DL923S4, VT-174, CV8201.4V 2x50mAyesyestested
    3S4T1.4V 2x25mAyesyes
    DL911S41.4V 100mApin one disconnectednotested
    1L33 1.4V 50mApin one disconnectednotested


    standard tube rating form:

    tu-05 with lorenz - philips combo:

    valvo and lorenz tube combos:


    siemens tubes and short summary:

    valvo red label:

    listening to different interconnects:

    tube rolling: ultron tubes:

    tube rolling: valvo red label - tung-sol ken rad combo:

    summary and valvo red label - lorenz combo:

    tube rolling: telefunken df904:

    tube rolling: lorenz df96 - philips dl92 combo first listening impressions:

    tube rolling: lorenz df96 - tung-sol ken rad dl92 combo:

    tube rolling: philips df96 - tung-sol ken rad dl92 combo:



    Here is my documention on how to modify the tu-05 with a rear 6.3 mm headphone out.

    some initial thoughts before you start doing the same modification:

    you how to say should know what you can do with electronic parts and what better not:
    - bending
    - heat resistance when soldering near by
    - ...

    some basic knowledge is recommended:
    - electronic parts and electronics
    - how to use a multimeter
    - how to desolder and solder
    - ...

    before starting one should think that something can goes wrong, no success, there is a damage, failure etc:
    - ability to debug analog electronics may be needed

    for the work and metal work - especially the large hole for the neutrik jack:
    - all the tools in place?
    - a fine resonant free drilling machine
    - a small to tiny electronics soldering iron (not the 100 watt tin can soldering version)

    things i used (a maybe not complete list):
    - cables, shrink-on tube, tape, pressured air, solder, clips, tool for cable-demanteling, different claws, fine and medium rasps with different shapes, shaping tools, drills for metal, screwdrivers with the exact size, heat gun, digital multimeter, sandpaper, a small brush, vaccum cleaner, 2 litres of coffee, 5 hours, screw clamps to fix the drilling machine on the table, small woodplate, two plates and two wood pieces under the amp while drilling, 6.3mm neutrik jack, 2nd as reserve, superglue or screws for the neutrik jack, knife, toothpicker, pieces of cardboard, ...

    if you have decided to do this modification:
    - always use a brush, pressured air and a vacuum cleaner to after each step remove all (and be absolutely sure that there are NO) aluminium parts, particles and dust left.
    - check everything, charging, channels left right correct, two headphones at the same time, charging while listening, ...

    so much fun doing the same modification .....

    Opening the amp..

    Removing the battery..

    Removing the power jack..

    Preparing the amp for the next steps..

    Installing the power jack in its new front position..

    Preparing the hole for the Neutrik 6.3mm jack..

    Partly assembling the amp for the next steps..

    Reassembling the battery and power jack..

    Assembling the additional cables for the rear headphone out and Neutrik 6.3mm jack..

    Amp completely assembled, open..

    Amp completely assembled closed case and case closed!
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  4. rudi0504

    Looks beautiful , could Be expensive because the analog squared paper is DIY company
  5. beta247
    i'm in love!
  6. rudi0504
    Dear Anak Chan and Cura Wong or who else Head Fier friends In Japan.

    Can You try This portable Tube amp TU - 5 B from analog squared paper on Tokyo Fuji Avic
    Next week and please Share Your impresion here.

    Until Now One of the best portable / trasportable Tube is Alo Pan Am With matching pair Tube from
    Telefunken .

    Thank you
  7. ianmedium
    Just having a chat on facebook with them, apparently it is already out and a hybrid if I have it correctly next month. Have asked the price and await details and will update! scrolling down their website page I see it is the equivalent of $1070
  8. Excellsior
    looks interesting, do they ship to the US?
  9. ianmedium
    He is looking into all the matters pertaining to exporting, very friendly fellow and I am very seriously considering this amp. He mentioned it can be tuned to your specific headphones and there are multiple up grade paths as it is a pretty much bespoke product.
    The price is 85,000 Yen which is around the $1000 mark.

    If you use Facebook you can find the company under their name there. I get a really good feeling from him from my communications.
  10. ianmedium
    Man, I am seriously working hard at making this happen!
  11. planx
    Oh you're getting one? Hehehe time to meet up with you when you do [​IMG]
  12. ianmedium

    Lets just say I am doing some finagling at this moment :wink:
  13. Girls Generation
    Gotta relisten to those stainless steel beasts of yours again in order to organize my thoughts. :)
    Hope you get these in so we can have an interesting listen 8)
  14. ianmedium

    Any Time mate, any time. I am very motivated about this amp, something in my gut says it will be a great match for the PF's!
  15. planx
    Party at Ian's! [​IMG]
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