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ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by luckbad, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. exdmd
    1% matched pair 12B4A GE NOS 1960's.
  2. cute
    Mine are Tung Sol NOS, 1960's. Currently one of my headphones are Kennerton Vali, most bass I have ever heard on an open back dynamic. The 12B4A are supposed to emphasize the low end. My fear would be too much low end, but that may help the HD800/800S.
  3. exdmd
    I have a Schiit Loki between my DAC and Kenzie. Right now using 1626 with HD800S phones I need to boost the bass (20 Hz) turning the pot to 3 PM. I imagine the Loki could correct any bass emphasis with the 12B4A. Have to wait for the adapters to get here from Hong Kong. I look forward to an inexpensive experiment.
  4. buke9
    Will those also work on the original Kenzie? I’m in the need of a little more power as just scored a pair of AB-1266’s (The Abyss) for a sweet price and the Kenzie does pretty good but more power would definitely help. My notifications keep dropping off so I have missed out on a lot of this thread. Love to make a sweet amp even sweeter.
  5. ampsandsound
    Sure will. Will nearly double your power.

    omniweltall likes this.
  6. buke9
    That is awesome thanks Justin. Love having more options for such a great amp.
  7. joespride
    Sold Kenzie but have a large assortment of Vintage NOS tubes and adapters I dont need now If anyone is looking I am posting and add in for sale area
    llamaluv likes this.
  8. buke9
    Awesome hope some are left after I get back from vacation.
  9. buke9
    That was quick.
  10. joespride
    Yes they went quick some nice tubes in the mix
  11. smodtactical
    Seems people often sell their ampandsound tube amps. Why is this?
  12. ZenErik
    People often sell all sorts all sorts of audio gear. Part of the hobby. Were it not for the Encore not playing nicely with the crappy power in my home I would most definitely still be using it.
  13. cute
    Did you get the adapters for the 12B4A's yet? Mine will be here tomorrow, interested to hear your impressions.
  14. exdmd
    Not yet should have by the weekend. If they do get here by Saturday will post impressions on Sunday.
  15. cute
    Got the adapters for the 12B4A's. Trying to get initial impressions using my Denon/Fostex w/Lawton mods and cups. Noticed so far, bass has tightened up, more pop and texture on the low end. Also, more detailed than the Tung Sol 1626, in my setup. don't think I will be going back to the 1626 variants any time soon. Have been using a Raytheon 5755 preamp tube. 12B4A's are Tung Sol NOS from the 1960's, Raytheion 5755 NOS from the 1960's.

    Bass is deep with thump that can be felt in your chest, haven't had this type of bass impact with my Kenzie previously, deep sub bass is quick and tight, and doesn't interfere with the mids, really enjoying t'she new Kenzie sound. Still need to experiment with other preamp tubes at some point, don't really care for the 12SL7's or 2C52's since getting in to the 9 pin preamp tubes with adapters.

    Can definitely tell that the 12B4A's deliver more power that the 1626's!
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