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ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by luckbad, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. joespride
  2. exdmd
    Got the Tung Sol 12SL7GT in today. No date markings on tube or box. Tubes marked Tung-Sol, Made In U.S.A, 322602-3. After a few hours warm up impression was it sounds like a good 12SL7GT a bit more bass than the usual but rolled off high end. Not much air around voices or instruments, shallow soundstage. Sounds a bit inferior to RCA from memory. Not as resolving as I am used to. Letting the tube cool down now putting the Telefunken ECC801S back in.
  3. ZenErik
    Thanks for the impressions. I got in two of these Tung Sol 12SL7GTs today. The boxes are a little different on mine, but they look the same. 322926 on the one that’s not currently in the amp.

    Our impressions are quite different, but I haven’t done much music listening yet. Just a few songs. Playing The Witcher 3. I think it sounds great so far. Compared to the 2C52 that was in there it’s a little less forward as expected. No noise issues like some of my other 12SL7s. I got a grey plate RCA in today too, but it does have the noise I’ve previously mentioned.

    Based on memory I don’t think it really sounds very different than the other 12SL7s I’ve used, but I’d have to do some more direct comparisons. I have my doubts that any 12SL7 can live up to the standards you’ve set with your Telefunken.

    24C3B39F-86DE-4012-977F-1652F1104B50.jpeg 6F32ED33-38FB-4C4C-896D-FCEA383A0F95.jpeg
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
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  4. Loose-Leaf
    I have the full option Mogwai SE coming that’s interesting using KT8c as this turned out to be a unsuccessful tube way back in the day late 1930s early 40s ? if I remember the story and of course non audio application .
    However Zachary if you find it sounding great in the Mogwai that would be a bonus ! because of cost apposed to the ever more expensive and hard to get decent Tungsol 6550
    Well I’ll have to do some shopping for some Kt8cs ,.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
  5. exdmd
    I remember Justin recommending the ECC801S on another forum but @cute here really encouraged me in that direction. The mistake I made was first buying a tube made in the '80's by Siemens. You have to go back to the '60s tubes. The Telefunken ECC801S is rated for 10,000 hours so chances are much higher I would move to a Mogwai SE than need to buy another input tube. Not tired of the Kenzie at all. Probably should have gone for the fully optioned Encore considering the extra money I have put into input transformers and tubes. But consider you can get a base Kenzie for $1700 delivered forgo the input transformers and just buy the Telefunken ECC801S and have a very resolving tube amp with excellent imaging and soundstage for under $2000. Also realize I use 300 Ohm HD800S. Get a Loki for $149 for EQ call it a day, just enjoy the music.
  6. Loose-Leaf
    I saw a lovely pair new in the original factory boxes $1,000. ,...
  7. ZenErik
    Don't worry. I still have my eyes on the Telefunken ECC801S. I'm just not ready to spend that much on a tube right now. Before I do that sort of thing I'd like to resolve my ground loop issue. To me that's a little more important than a $200+ input tube. But once everything is sorted out the ECC801S will likely be near the top of the list for me.
  8. Loose-Leaf
    Well you can buy them cheaper as you know these were real old stock with the old style Telefunken boxes with the long tabs , really nice Telefunken tubes
  9. ZenErik
    Yea. I'm willing to spend $200-250 if/when I go for it. But it'll probably be a ways off. I think I'm done buying extra 1626 and 12SL7 for a while too. Have a few RCA 12SL7 I got today to return. I need to be more careful about what sellers I trust on eBay. There's another website I've been buying from that I actually trust. Should just check their stock every once in a while if I feel the urge.
  10. exdmd
    Same here. Don't think I will be buying tubes on eBay anymore there are better options. Hope you get the ground loop sorted soon.
  11. ampsandsound
    I wanted to give everyone an old new idea.
    12B4A tubes will work as drop in with an adapter.
    The adapters have become very common on eBay ~$10 each... $25 for 2 to your door.
    The 12B4A is an amazing tube, its different but sounds amazing.
    The 12B4A tubes are VERY inexpensive and NOS.
    And Oh by the way... they nearly double your power out.
    Measures are from a brand new Encore 8/32 with input transformers and caps headed to a customer.
    On av. there will be ~10% more power after break-in.
    As good 1626 are still easy to get, its not such an issue but its fun to roll.
  12. omniweltall
    Thanks Justin. Pse let us know if you have great ideas like this for Mogwai users too :)
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  13. exdmd
    Already ordered a matched pair of 12B4A tubes and adapters. Tubes only take a few days, the adapters ship from Hong Kong. Should have impressions by end of this month. Should be fun to hear a different power tube than the 1626.
  14. cute
    What mfg tubes did you get? I ordered a matched pair of Tung Sol from a seller a few miles north of here. Too bad the wait for the adapters is three weeks.
  15. ampsandsound
    tubesandmore has them for ~$6 each.
    (NOS and amazing sounding... bit more lowend punch.)
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