Amp for an AKG K501
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May 3, 2008
Been researching headphones and just forked out £103 on a K501, and now the search for an amp begins. Can I have some recommendations please? I've no idea what sort of price range I'm looking at to get the most out of my headphones. Am I looking at over £100 here?

I'm a bit lost, I've only just checked out wikipedia and discovered what DAC meant

Its to be used with a creative x-fi music card.

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I have the Meier Corda Opera and love it with my K501. This was my choice over the Ray Samuels HR-2.

According to Mr Arroyo the Grahm Slee Solo has wonderful synergy with the K501 as well.

You probably already know this particular phone needs a good amp to bring out its best.
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Would you consider building an amp? The AKG K-501 needs a good push to sound its best. A set of valves is preferable, as well. The best way to get a quality amp on a budget is to build one. It isn't as difficult as some make it out to be - anyone can do it and the DIY Forum has all the information and advice you could need.
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Thanks for the suggestions but those are all rather expensive, and some several times more than my headphones cost. I was looking for something around £100 max.

I loved what the Green Solo did with the AKG K501! However if you want to keep the cost under 100 BP's then I would suggest:

1. Used O1 Amp/Dac or its replacement the Octavart. Fantastic unit which can be bought as an Amp/Dac or simply as an Amp.
2. Used Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 and later do the PinkFloyd Mods
3. Used Little Dot Micro Tube

The fact that you are in GB should make getting a V2 the likely candidate. This because it would be easier to get it service by soemone like PinkFloyd.
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i'll try it again later tonight but i still think yarland p100 is very good with akgs. at least from k301, 400, 501 and 601. better than my darkvoice 337 and headfive. mostly importantly to the poster. i did get the amp plus ge tubes for under a hundred pounds. not sure if you can get it elsewhere. 700 hk dollors for the amp and 500 for the signal tubes.
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Ta for the recommendations. Got my k501's today. They sound great to me un amped (though im no audiophile), but on one classical guitar songs I had on it had problems with some small parts of it. I guess that's where the amp comes in?

I tried them out with a film as well, whilst watching Das Boot I was particularly impressed with the sound of the water gushing into the submarine.

Have I heard little of what the k501 can do though?

I have had a look at some of the recommendations thus far:

Yarland P100 - £220
far too expensive for me.
perreaux sxh1 - £200 on ebay
01 amp/dac = this one?. Not sure how much it is but I cant find any on the net for sale.
Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 - Are a lot closer to my budget, they all tend to sell for around £110-120.
Little Dot Micro Tube - Also viable at around £130 from China.
The little dot Mk 2 tends to go for around £100. Would prefer an amp without those things sat on top though (what are they?). I would only end up knocking them off my desk and breaking them.

Since I use my headphones solely on my pc through my x-fi music card, isn't there one particularly for use with pc's? What do you all think of this usb one?
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Originally Posted by ledzepploid /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The little dot Mk 2 tends to go for around £100. Would prefer an amp without those things sat on top though (what are they?). I would only end up knocking them off my desk and breaking them.

Those things on top are the tubes. They're not 'sitting' so much as they're plugged into sockets.
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Originally Posted by mrarroyo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
ledzepploid if you want an amp/dac look into the Octavart (previously the O1 amp/dac). There are quite a few satisfied users here, so do a search.

I auditioned the amp only, and it was very exciting. An amp with a friendly price that gave oomph to the K501's. Besides the plentiful bass, there was a hint of ease that only shows up in the likes of the beta22. Highly recommended in the solid state category

I would think about looking for a used darkvoice 336. I find that this amp (as well as other variations such as the singlepower extreme) give the 501's a much needed injection of body, liquidity, and smoothness. The midrange is already fantastic and tacking on some low end control and sweetness with the 6SN7 & 6080/6AS7G type amps makes for a very complete listening experience.

I personally used nos jan chatham 6080 and nos westinghouse 6SN7's with the 501 because they give the best control in the bass and add body without detracting at all.

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