Amp + cans budget max 1500 USD
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Peter Voigt

New Head-Fier
Feb 27, 2007
Dearest headphone nerds
I need suggestions on a system. My front end is vinyl Michel gyrod w orbe upgrades, Jelco 750 arm and Denon  dl 103r pick up.
Current system is Naim NAc 72w HiCap NAP 180 Audio Note Speakers.
 As I believe in synergy the amp and the headphones will be considered a whole.
I know the obvious path is a Naim Headline 2 plus HiCap w good synergy headphones, but am open for anything. I am very intrigued about  the idea of SET tubes and headphones. 
Sonically I dont really care about pinpointing the oboe versus the faggot and it dosent matter to me if the drummer ppers exactly 2 meters behind the front man. I enjoy mono records. I do like to be involved though, and experience the music as sonic architecture, paintings, patterns etc. "it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing"
I have heard many systems w big and beautifull and detailed sound, exellent 3 dimensional stuff that bores me. For me the best system is the one that makes you keep spinning and letting the records finish. 
Oh I listen to folk, latino, death metal, classic, barok, voices, jazz and what else. everything exept hiphop and rap.
Classical music is what have really given me greatest experiences in music. But I have just had a short George Michael period and am still in a long Bob Dylan period.
Thanks a lot in advance

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