1. Audio46

    Save on Focal, Naim, and Earsonics during Audio46's Flash Sale

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Every Brand We Carry For a limited time only, save 20% on Focal (yes, even the Bathys), Naim, and Earsonics at Audio46! Don't miss out because these offers end on Sunday, March 26th. SHOP FOCAL SALE> SHOP NAIM SALE> SHOP EARSONICS SALE>
  2. TaronL

    20% Off Focal Headphones + 15% off IEMs

    For the week of March 20th to 26th, save 20% on Focal headphones and other big savings! Shop the sale Full list of savings below 20% off Focal Headphones (includes the new Focal Bathys Wireless ANC Headphones) 20% off NAIM products 15% off Moondrop 15% off Dunu (10% off SA6) 15% off Topping...
  3. A

    Naim Headline Clone

    A Naim Headline clone can be purchased from multiple sellers on AliExpress. Prices can be under $150 shipped for a Naim Headline clone in which all parts are in a single chassis. Prices can be upwards of $550 shipped for a Headline clone that duplicates the Naim look and feel and two chassis...
  4. MoonAudio

    NEW: NAIM Uniti Core Music Server

    Naim Uniti Core Music Server $2,790.00 Order Now Uniti Core is the ultimate music manager, able to create bit-perfect copies of your favourite CDs and serve them and the rest of your digital music collection up to music players around your home. Simply load a CD and Uniti Core will expertly...
  5. MoonAudio

    NEW: NAIM Uniti Atom Headphone Amp, Dac and Streamer

    NAIM Uniti Atom Headphone Amp, Dac and Streamer $3,290.00 Order Now Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is a headphone-optimised version of the award-winning Uniti Atom music streaming system, designed to be the ultimate solo listening source. Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers and DACs, which...
  6. G

    Excited Newbie

    Hello guys, from New Zealand. Looking to build a system as I am rekindling my love of music and hifi. I have a Naim Unity Atom streamer/DAC/amp paired with Focal I love my blues and jazz, and sometimes also enjoy some electronica and good old rock. I now want to build my head fi solution...
  7. Tuberoller1

    Metrum octave vs new Rega DAC vs Eastern electric

    I currently have an EE minimax (non-plus version), but have become increasingly interested in the Metrum and Rega DACs recently as a potential replacement. What are people's opinions on this? Would either of these DACs truly be an upgrade? I listen to all redbook, so oversampling isn't an issue...
  8. Peter Voigt

    Amp + cans budget max 1500 USD

    Dearest headphone nerds   I need suggestions on a system. My front end is vinyl Michel gyrod w orbe upgrades, Jelco 750 arm and Denon  dl 103r pick up. Current system is Naim NAc 72w HiCap NAP 180 Audio Note Speakers.  As I believe in synergy the amp and the headphones will be considered...
  9. vonjuergen

    PRaT for Beyerdynamic T1 ... Decware - Violectric - Naim - Woo ?

    Looking for a sub 1500 $ amp for Beyerdynamic T1 headphones.   I love fullbodied sound with fast transient response, PRAT, flow, coherence, instrument separation and image density. Great separation of bassline and well articulated  kickdrum is essential for me. dont care for...