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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. GlennDS
    Pre-made means that Tidal has made a playlist for you based off of your library, they will introduce new tracks and new artists. Each of the playlists is based off of a general genre (you are not going to find an old country track mixed in with a new heavy metal track). If there are 15 tracks in your playlist, that's what you get, 15 tracks. Yes the tracks in the My Mix will change every once and a while. You can take the different playlists and put them together but Tidal doesn't make it easy to do depending on which device you are using.

    Amazon's 'My Soundtrack' is a radio station based off of all my tracks (including all genres). When I start playing the 'My Soundtrack' station, it will play a continuous stream of mixed music until I stop it, it'll play mixed content for over 12 hours if I wish it to do so.

    I get out of bed before 4:30am and that early in the morning I just want to push one button to get my stream of music playing (this is Amazon's My Soundtrack), I do not want to go to several different playlists and have to put them together and mix them myself every few hours (that is Tidal My Mix).

    But, to each his own.
  2. 3Putter
    Thanks for the detail. A good way to discover new music and sounds exciting. Enjoy!
  3. Soundizer
    I am in the UK and via my iPad/iPhone can see the quality dropping to Standard, but then going back up. It is fine over cellular.
    Does not happen on my Mac - all fine.

    Windows Computer users also reported this problem.
  4. muski
    Last month I switched from Tidal to Amazon HD to Qobuz. I'm very happy with the Qobuz SQ, catalog, apps & their new lower price.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  5. originalsnuffy
    Does anybody know if any portable devices can directly download Amazon HD files other than phones? It sure would be nice to download files for offline playback on digital audio players.
  6. Andrew_WOT
    Amazon music app supports download on all platforms, including desktop. But obviosly you can play through app only.
  7. originalsnuffy
    Andrew, do you have direct experience downloading to say, a FIIO or Shanling unit or something of that nature? I am not referring to phones. I could not get that to work with my Cayin and looking for scenarios that are proven to work; not just for streaming for for download. I have no issues with using the app for playback. With the iphone I also need to use an external DAC for full fidelity which is annoying.
  8. Andrew_WOT
    Sorry, PCs (Win10) and Android tablets and phones only.
    Not familiar with DAPs you are referring to (thought they are thing from the past).
    What OS do they run, can you install Amazon Music app on them?
  9. SteveOliver
    You don't say what Cayin model you have. It would obviously need to be an Android DAP that ideally supported the Play Store. For example the Cayin N6ii that I own, allows me to download music from Amazon Music for offline playback.
  10. a-LeXx
    right, cellular works fine, because for cellular you can actually set it accordingly - you just hard code streaming rate to HD/UHD, and it stays like that.
    For WiFi, there is no option to select streaming quality, it is always auto-selected by the app.

    I have a suspicion that the problem is related to longer ping times from Europe to US-based servers. When I look at the app, how it's populating the buffer, it's always done in small chunks. Fast loading a chunk, than multiple seconds nothing happens. Then a next chunk. At some point of time, usually around 90s, this buffering would suddenly speed up, and the rest of the song will be downloaded in just couple of seconds. When playback reaches that point in the buffer, where it went from slow to fast, the sound quality would drop to 'standard'.

    How I see it from a developer point of view: the app has standard size very small windows of few ms to download a chunk of streamed content. When a substantial part of that window is used up by a slow ping, the app would get fewer data than anticipated, even if the data rate is high. Based on that, it makes a decision: this internet connection is flawed, need to reduce the quality and download fast to fill up the whole buffer with low quality, to keep playback going...

    Obviously, this is a bug in the logic. But also obviously, Amazon is not making any attempts to fix it. I opened multiple support tickets, have written this on amazon's own forum, multiple users confirmed this... Still nothing happening...
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  11. originalsnuffy
    The unit is the orphaned Cayin N5II. The Play Store does not seem to be supported on my device. I sideloaded the app but it freezes before actually working. The version of Android is supposedly supported but no joy. Cayin has publicly acknowledged that the unit is at end of software support. So I am looking for a unit that really works. Your unit is the first I have heard of that definitely supports the app so thanks for that!

    On the downloads with your N6II; does it work on SD cards or only on internal memory?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  12. SteveOliver
    It gives me the option for both, but at the moment I've saved Amazon offline music onto the internal memory so I can swap around my library of SD cards without affecting the offline music.
  13. Andrew_WOT was released for Win10.
    Nope, no exclusive mode yet, but my initial impression is that brightness is subdued.
    You can download it from here
    Don't forget to turn off Loudness optimization and set app volume to 100% after install, it resets everything to defaults.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  14. tradyblix
    Yeah I’m not sure what the difference really is utility between playlists and and a stream. I guess if you run out of the playlist songs early....
  15. Andrew_WOT
    The quality on Windows is quite impressive now, even with my lesser DAC.
    Doing A/B with ripped flacs, can't say I can hear any difference at all.
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