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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. Andrew_WOT
    Wow, is it new, just noticed?
  2. brianlg
    Curious is any/many of you have cancelled Tidal or Qobuz for Amazon HD? I'm temped to, at least until Tidal drops price or Qobuz gets their catalog on par.
  3. exdmd
    Depends on how resolving your system and how good your ears are. Amazon Music HD without exclusive mode sounds inferior to Qobuz. With Qobuz now at $14.99 for US residents it is an easy choice. Discover some new music on a service whose priority is the best sound quality of any streaming service.
  4. Left Channel
    In this thread only one has declared a switch from Qobuz to Amazon. That was before the special Qobuz pricing was announced.

    A few more have said they're switching from Tidal, as Amazon is good enough for them and also cheaper.

    Most have stated they are not switching to Amazon, because Qobuz and Tidal sound better.
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  5. Andrew_WOT
    90 days free trial, try for yourself.
  6. SteveOliver
    I dropped our Spotify family plan for the Amazon Music HD family plan, my Qobuz subscription will lapse in January and I won't be renewing it, as Tidal + Amazon Music seem to be the best options for me.

    I reckon Amazon are not specifically targeting Tidal and Qobuz subscribers they are looking to steal subscribers from Spotify and so for me at least they seem to have achieved their objective.
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  7. Left Channel
    Agreed, Amazon Music HD is primarily targeting the millions of Spotify and Apple Music subscribers out there. Makes sense that you'd switch from Spotify. And I'll count your dropping Qobuz as a preference for Tidal, also totally understandable.
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  8. kdphan
    I switched from Tidal to Amazon.
    I have a family subscription to Amazon so it's much cheaper and the catalog is about the same for me.
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  9. Brava210
    I have kind of switched. I am still comparing qobuz with Amazon. I am finding the amazon quality a lot better than when it was rolled out.
    I am only comparing albums that are familiar to me and it seems very good.
    I also am not noticing the previous volume exaggeration on amazon.
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  10. iridium7777
    anyone know if they fixed the iOS app up sampling issue?
  11. iridium7777
    welp, just re-downloaded the app and tested it myself, still an issue. says song available in 16/44, detects 24/96 dac and says it's playing in 16/44 but my dac output is showing that it's playing at 96KHz. switching immediately over to tidal the issue of up sampling goes away. wrote amazon an email but for now deleting the app and still sticking with tidal/spotify.

  12. exdmd
    Until Amazon fixes the app so it can work in exclusive mode and allows selection of output device (your external DAC) you are going to have to deal with resampling in both Windows and iOS. Both Tidal and Qobuz allow exclusive mode and selection of output device in their desktop apps for Window and iOS. Since there is basically no customer service for Amazon Music HD we have no idea what Amazon is up to. The best thing they did was cause Qobuz to lower their price in the US. I keep watching to see if Tidal is going to match Qobuz $14.99 monthly pricing.
  13. a-LeXx
    You are confusing iOS with osx. iOS is an operating system of iphones, ipads and ipods. There is nothing to configure there, also no exclusive modes. It's also not doing any resampling by itself, any resampling is continuously done by the app.
    So, people thinking that resampling in Amazon's app on iOS is a bug are thinking wrong, it's how amazon decided to implement it in their iOS app.
    Why they've done this is beyond my understanding though...

    There was no resampling in place before amazon changed to a 9.xxx version of the iOS app in preparation for Music HD launch. They obviuosly see this upsampling as a feature, basically - dac is always reporting high resolution, that must be pleasing for a user.... They obviously have no idea of what they are actually doing. The unnecessary upsampling just heavily drains battery, without having any positive effects at all...
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  14. 3Putter
    Amazon HD sounds inferior on Android as well (from my LG V30 for example). Why should Tidal reduce their pricing to match Qobuz? They have as good as sound, maybe better, and they have a much more extensive catalog. Their UI is superior and much easier so I would argue they have a better product. I have competitors all the time market their services at bottom of the barrel rates and guess what customers that attracts? They can have 'em. I am always willing to pay more for something of higher quality, better service/customer service, and a high level of reliability. I can't understand the thinking of price matching for the sake of price matching. If anything, Tidal has something the other two HD services don't and could justify a price increase. And, if downward pricing pressure commoditizes this type of service do you feel the quality will improve?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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