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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. gemNeye
    Amazon is planning to launch a new high-fidelity music streaming service with better-than-CD-quality audio, reports Music Business Worldwide. The new service is expected to cost around $15 a month, and it would sit alongside Amazon’s existing music services. These include Prime Music and Music Unlimited, which currently offer streams at a maximum of 256 Kbps, well below the 1,411 Kbps bitrate of CDs.

    Continue reading at link below:

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  2. The Socialist Nerd
    Impressive but due to politics, I really don't support Amazon so Tidal streaming gets my weight.
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  3. alan_g
    yeah got a message about the service earlier today, I don't bother with streaming but im sure some will give them a go
  4. gemNeye
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  5. Dtuck90
    I can’t seem to get this working on iOS. I’ve upgraded but still getting the same low quality as before
  6. gemNeye
    I don't have any iOS devices to test this, but if and when you get this resolved, be sure to post the fix in case anyone else runs into the same issue.
  7. Dtuck90
    I’ve sorted it. Update the app and then sign out and back in and that sorted it
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  8. Double C
    This is great news!
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  9. Inoculator
    I am excited this is finally launching, but they need to do some serious work on their desktop app if they want to be taken seriously as an audiophile streaming source. Terrible UI and no way to bypass windows mixer.
  10. Marlowe
    I started the 90 day free trial a couple of hours ago. With casual listening, sound is comparable to Tidal. Unfortunately, the Windows app is really a pain to navigate.
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  11. Dtuck90
    Sorted out my iOS problems and currently got my iPad Pro connected to my Sony WM1A. My Walkman is showing every tracks as 192 so I think the app upsamples everything. For example when I use my Walkman with NYA my Walkman shows the correct quality for each track

    Is there a way to change it to show albums in chronological order rather than popular albums?
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  12. sathyam
    Subscribed for the Annual Family HD Plan for $149.99. Its got a 30 day trial.

    Will try it out when I get my SP2K later this week.
  13. imackler
    Nice! Just a little over $12/month for HD is fantastic.
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  14. Tooros
    It’s not here in the UK yet but that seems like a good price. How many users if I may ask?
    How does it do the high bitrate stuff? Is it MQA anyone?
  15. Dtuck90
    It is available in U.K. as it gave me the option for all the different plans earlier. No MQA all FLAC
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