ALO Continental PortableTube Amp

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  1. arrowmark Contributor
    Hi Ken, Congratulations on your new  portable Amp! ! !    I am using it with an i pod classic and The Solo driving a Beyerdynamic 600 ohm DT-880 Dragon Series V1 with a cryoed Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable. This headphone is usually very hard to drive.   Not with the Continental ! ! ! It is Perfect ! ! ! Thank you, Mark
  2. shipsupt
    How does the size match up with the Solo?  Is it sort of matched dimensionally like the MKII is?
  3. arrowmark Contributor
    Yes , except it is a little thicker
  4. shipsupt
    My wallet is going to hate me for checking this thread...  I don't think I can resist giving the tubes a go!
  5. KB Contributor

    Thanks for the post. Agreed. We were pretty happy with how it drives larger headphones, it does an exceptional job. Indeed the Continental really makes 250 - 600 ohm headphones shine. My LCD2s are really humming with the Continental and with the Solo, thats just a sick combo.
    The amp is just starting to reach customers so we are really looking forward to all the feedback from people. 

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  6. shipsupt
    Can you say just how limited the number of units produced will be?
  7. travisg
    Ken posted on Twitter that the build run would be 100 units.
  8. shipsupt
    Thanks. I would think they'll go quick... Hoping some early impressions hit to help with the decision.
  9. travisg
    Mine will be here today. I will be posting a video soon. Look for
    It on my blog.
  10. danne
    That is one wicked device!
  11. woodcans
    Will the gain be too high for use with IEMs?
  12. KB Contributor


    Dear Woodcans,
    Yes the amps a little much for sensitive IEMs. Thats not saying you can not use them with IEMs but when I use them with the amp the volume gets loud very fast with little turning on the volume knob. The amp is best suited for harder to drive full size headphones.
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  13. fordski
    Just saw this on twitter and had to bite, I'm in the process of selling off all my audio gear in preparation for an international move and this fits perfectly with my desire to put together a portable system.

    Of course I'd already ordered a solo/Rx mk2 combo but I just couldn't resist the idea of a tube portable. I was also considering the Audeze LCD2 headphones but was concerned about the compatibility with the MK2. Thanks for taking away my excuse not to buy the Audeze's.
  14. scootermafia
  15. woodcans

    Thanks. I'm tempted to order a pair of LCD2's just so I can try out the amp!


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