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AKG K812 Pro

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ra97or, Oct 10, 2013.
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  1. mocenigo
    True, but at the same time the fact that it is small it also means that it will cause some isolated sounds to suddenly have a different timbre, breaking the continuity of the music flow, whereas a broader bump will cause a smoother transition.

    I like my K812 a lot and I plan to eq them a bit. They have a real natural and dynamic sound and they present no listening fatigue for me.

  2. Quadfather
    This AKG K812 owner just had to go listen the Tia Fourte. UGGGGGGGG
  3. ChisChas
    I know that the K812's have this peak or that having read a number of the original reviews but I've never experienced any lack of SQ as a result. I think sometimes people worry too much about the technicalities when really it's all about whether you enjoy a particular HP or not. I think that pairing is just as critical (for best SQ & results) as it is with a main hi-fi system. Finding the DAP or DAC/AMP that makes your choice of HP's really sing is the trick. Keep visiting hi-fi shops/shows (the latter on quiet days/times) and see how your HP's work with other components. See my next post!
  4. ChisChas
    Ok, but what do you do to deal with the huge variation in recording styles/mastering from album to album? EQ is basically a tone control system so do you end up fiddling with it from album to album? My main system has a Jeff Rowland Corus two box preamplifier with no tone controls (as did my last two pre-amps) so I'm not into EQ (but understand it's useful & appreciated by some).
  5. ChisChas
    Ha ha, I had to Google Tia Fourte, thought it might be an opera. I don't get on with IEM's and these are very, very expensive IEM's, your wallet had a lucky escape. Any more traitorous activities and you will sleeping with the fishes...................
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  6. ChisChas
    CHORD HUGO 2 COLLECTED. I collected my Hugo 2 on Wednesday having spent a morning about five weeks ago listening to their dem Hugo 2. Having run it for 48 hours continuously my one sounds better than the dem one. My K812's sound absolutely glorious so I'm pleased I have put the suggestion in my recent post into effect because the scaling up is massive. The pairing of the K812's and the Chord Hugo 2 is fantastic, well worth the additional spend.
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  7. bgbdbstrd
    @ChisChas - congrats on the hugo 2! does it make the k812 more forgiving especially on old recordings? I love the k812 but i find them too sibilant and harsh w older blues tracks (t-bone walker )
  8. mocenigo
    I do nothing about the recording, usually. In fact, I haven't applied any EQ to my system so far. For me the priorities are: enjoy the music, then try to improve its reproduction. This also means that the components are per se much more important than the tweaks. But I do not see the point of messing too much with the source data (whether it is analog or digital). A bad recording is a bad recording.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  9. ChisChas
    I don't have any similar recordings so never experience sibilance tbh. I have just also upgraded my DAP from a Cowon Plenue 1 to a Questyle QP2R and I was finding the Plenue 1 too soft/too easy a listen and whilst the QP2R isn't over detailed and harsh whatsoever, it got me thinking that perhaps you could borrow a soft sounding DAP for these particular recordings to see if that makes any difference? Are you happy with all other recordings other than your old blues recordings? If you are then is it that the old blues recordings are a particular problem with a quite specialist type of recording?
    What cable are you using? Copper is less bright than silver. Don't know what else to suggest...........
  10. Muinarc

    I listened to this pairing for a while at CanJam LA this year, a very solid and pleasant sounding pair indeed.

    As to sibilance, I've only found one track in my collection that gets close-but-not-quite sibilant and that is U2's Mysterious Ways. On the version of the CD I have and ripped to FLAC, Bono alllllmost starts to sound like he's singing "myssssterious ways". I also have a lot of old blues tracks from T-bone to Blind Blake, to the 3 Kings and haven't had an issue. I'm not very treble sensitive either so who knows.
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  11. bgbdbstrd

    Yes, only with older tracks. the K812 w stock cable still sounds great with the other recordings. I have a zx2 for easy listening w it, and a qp1r is more detailed.

    the k812 is hooked to the cma600i though but when i listed to older tracks, i have to switch to another pair of cans ( he560 or elear). i'm looking into the hugo/hugo2 to see if it will make the k812 friendly with other genre =)

    thanks for the input! i tried the t-bone recording using the cma600i, i dont consider myself treble sensitive either (i prefer the t1 and k812 wc my bass-loving pals hate lol) but I had to switch headphones on the t-bone album. will try the same recording from a diff source.
  12. bgbdbstrd
    turns out it there is something wrong w my k812. i tried another unit and it was fine on the recordings i have trouble with.

    my main unit had some rattling/sibilance on high freq on the left cup. will be sending it for repair, might as well convert to balanced while at it.
  13. Muinarc

    Wow that's really interesting, don't hear of things like that happening very often. What is the serial # of your pair?
  14. mocenigo
    The k812 with the Chord Mojo is never sibilant, or harsh. And the Mojo and Hugo are very very close. In particular the hugo2 has a “mojo” sounding filter...

  15. bgbdbstrd
    Yes, tough luck i guess =(

    It has been pretty solid for a while. I haven't used it for months though. Hopefully it's just some wiring issues w the voice coil (similar to the k7xx).

    serial is 109xxx, Made in Slovakia
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