AKG k550 alternate ear pads?

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  1. Danthrax
    I'm looking for some real leather pads for these headphones. I haven't been able to find anything but figured maybe someone on the forums might know. In the very least maybe we could spark an interest in them and convince someone to start making them.
  2. tylerl
    I'm interested in replacement pads for my pair of AKG K550's too. But to be honest, I wouldn't mind if the pads weren't leather, as long as it's affordable and can replace the worn/torn earpads that I might happen in a couple of years.
  3. Curly21029
    I would also be interested in some different pad options.  Given their tonality, I think that staying with leather/leather-like is ideal as a change to velour/cloth could increase treble energy and a loss of body.  Of course, there may be other interesting options... (gel anyone?)
    OP, have you tried stuffing the stock earpads yet?  I've found that cotton produced a nice result.  Packaging foam not so much. :p
  4. Danthrax
    I don't have a problem with the fit I just wanted something with real leather instead of pleather.
  5. GLdgShDjKsHT
    can you replace the ear pads? how?
  6. Danthrax
    Basically there is a lip on the cup of the headphones that the lower part of the earpads goes under. If you just pull the earpads off it's self explanatory. To get them back on you slide them through the notch in the plastic cup and turn the earpads until they are on all the way.
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  7. GLdgShDjKsHT
    thanks, didnt know they are replaceable
  8. munchzilla
    bump bump - anyone know if the Q701/K701/K702 pads fit on these? and if the sound is crappy if you do  that?
  9. fabio-fi
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  10. munchzilla
    oh that is cool. I'm trying to get my friend to measure his pads for me, I'll post back with results unless they are out there somewhere already. :p
    they appear to have the same replacing mechanism, so I am feeling positive here...
    edit: oh. nevermind... just saw it
  11. Dyaems
    a glued lcd2/sr007 pads might do the trick

    What kind of glue would you use?
    I guess you could use the tape ring that come with them.
  14. munchzilla
    tape ring? please do elaborate.
    are there *any* pads you can use that work, or can you move the K701/702/Q701 pads to the attachment for K550 somehow?

    with the lcd2 pads you attach them to lcd2 earcups with a ring of tape that come with it, so potentially you could do the same with the k550.
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