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AKG k272 HD any good?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nutellarise, Dec 9, 2013.
  1. nutellarise
  2. linglingjr
    Wow that is an extremely low price.  They went discontinued a while ago and the price went up even more but I've never seen them that cheap.  These were my first pair of headphones and I love them.  What genres do you listen to? They're pretty bright and nicely detailed for being closed cans, they have very little bass presence so that might be a problem if you're used to obnoxious cheap bass or listen to a lot of electronic hip hop.  They handle vocals pretty well imo and have a good soundstage (considering they're closed) 
    The only thing I don't like about them is the design of the wire frame headband and the way it connects to the outside of the cups.  They're extremely cheap and I've had them break several times. I've had to re solder the connections on both sides several times.  I wouldn't take them out of the house ever,  they're pretty big but more importantly they'll break super fast and it's annoying because you can't order any replacement parts because they're discontinued
  3. Andrew_WOT
    Wow, I have K271S, same design with removable cable, that I bought in 2004 and heavely used every day at work and they are still going strong. But at that time they were made in Austria, from what I've heard the manufacturing of those got moved to China. If you decide to get one, grab leather Dog Pads from Mr Speakers, they really make them shine.
    K271S with Dog Pads - Match made in heaven!
  4. linglingjr
    Yep, mine were made in china : /

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