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Affordable Balanced Cable for Sennheiser HD650

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  1. ULUL
    I have a amp that allows balanced (XLR) and unbalanced output.  Currently I am running a cable that takes the two XLR output (left and right channel) and combine them into one single 1/4" jack.  This amp is designed to run that way with no problem and the sound is clearly better than the unbalanced jack. I have a hunch that true balanced XLR out will sound even better but would like to be able to test that premise with an affordable cable. 
    Would appreciate any suggestions. 
  2. CallmeEd
  3. Mambosenior

    +1. Have bought 4 great HP cables here for a great price/value.
  4. chee006
    sry but I can only see them selling normal 3.5 output jack instead of balance, do u mind linking the exact page? 
  5. eboch
    any recent buyers of HD650 balance cable?  looking for something quality, but less than Senn stock.  C3 site shows nothing I can find either.  Help?
  6. rigo
    I see the budget cable. Try this link. http://www.c3audio.com/store/p26/Sennheiser_HD_650%2F600_Headphone_Cable_--_CANARE.html
  7. Mr Rick
    I bought one of these for my HD650 and their model for my HD800s.
  8. eboch
    Thanks!  It's on the way to me :)
  9. schalliol
  10. hrbngr
    As a Massdrop HD650 participant I will also look into getting a balanced cable, but I will definitely make my first cable since the alternatives listed in this thread are just too expensive.
    the Amazon cable is ok, but it is still $77.  I really need to look into buying a replacement cable and reterminating to XLR.
    Here is what I have found so far:
    thread:  (could use some pics and more detail on a before/after solder session)  http://www.head-fi.org/t/345865/tutorial-diy-balanced-cable-for-hd-650
    cable:  https://www.headphone.com/products/sennheiser-hd650-replacement-stock-cable
    connector (one of many neutrik makes--hope this one is correct)  http://www.neutrik.com/en/xlr/xx-series/nc3mxx-b
    I have not found any more DIY threads yet, but here are a few more about how to wire:
    the reference page for wiring mentioned in the above thread no longer works, but it was still on wayback: (not sure which cable selection would most approximate the headphone to XLR pins)
  11. mattlach
    So, can anyone clarify what is required to run an HD650 as balanced?

    Is it some sort of semi-permanent conversion that involves modifying the headphones, or is it just a matter of unplugging one cable and plugging in the other?

    Only a balanced termination. Dual 3-Pin XLRs, 4-Pin XLR, 2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRRS, to name a few.
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  13. schalliol
    Unplugging one cable and plugging in another.  It's mostly separation of the ground if you have an amp that supports the output.  That said, if you want to go fully balanced, there are more equipment changes you may need, but none of those affect the headphone connections.
    Here's a link from headphone.com/HeadRoom on it: https://www.headphone.com/pages/balanced-headphones-guide
  14. mattlach

    Appreciate the response.

    I might be getting a Jotunheim soon, so I am thinking about running the 650's balanced, but honestly I'm not sure if there will be any real benefit since my DAC is single ended and will be connected to the Jotunheim's single ended inputs.

    Not sure if you need a full balanced pipeline from DAC to headphones to notice any improvement, or if it might be an improvement in the setup I am envisioning.
  15. mattlach
    Yikes, so the links in this thread are the AFFORDABLE ones, huh?

    How on earth can a cable cost almost as much as the headphones themselves?

    I was expecting then to be in the $25-$35 range. After all, a cable's a cable...
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