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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. jtung95
    My gripe is that the Zeus and the A12 have got that new ADEL stuff going for them, but I'm still undecided on that tech adding another layer of premium. I followed AAW products because I'm a bit of a bass head, transitioning from full sized cans to my IEMs now (Empire Ear Spartans and the Shure 535 LTDs), I really miss that slam and authority from the lower ends. It seems that the dynamic driver and hybrid integration would suit my tastes nicely. 
    I wouldn't want to go in blind either, but with AAW based in Singapore and their only participation in Can Jam being the Can Jam in Singapore (and I am in So Cal), I don't really know where I can go to get a personal impression. I briefly considered picking up a pair of used W500's somebody has for sale here in the trade forums, just to consider the sound signature and the difference of that dynamic driver versus the all BA stuff I'm currently using, but if I end up hating them, it'd be hard to resell a CIEM and if I ended up liking them, I would still sell them to foot the bill for my eventual W900 anyways. 
    With all the fancy claims and hype that has been going on surrounding the ADEL tech, I was going to hold off on my TOTL CIEM purchase until I could get an impression at Can Jam So Cal in April, but I'm pretty sure this deal would be long gone by then, right? [​IMG]
  2. crinacle
    I'd say yes; even the likes of the A12 can't keep up with the W500 in terms of bass quality and articulation. It's pretty much AAW's strong suit and they've refined it even further with the W900.
    Based off my auditions, the APEX module seems to only emulate the sonic characteristics of the ADEL module, without the perceived "health benefits". In my experiences, the ADEL module acts as a sort of mechanical "volume ceiling" where only the dangerously loud frequencies are absorbed by the membrane (completely layman's explanation here, I probably butchered it) which is very effective for tinnitus sufferers, whereas the APEX module sounds like a hard limit overall, where the whole range of frequencies are damped and doesn't feel like it gives the same comfort of the ADEL since the listener would more likely compensate this with a louder volume anyways.
    I highly doubt that the deal would stretch out to April though, considering that the Indiegogo ends in March. Maybe contact AAW for some sort of deal? [​IMG]
  3. jtung95
    Thanks for sharing your experience from the audition. And may I ask how did the sonic characteristics of these integrated modules sound for you? My current Spartans are the non ADEL version and I was going to A/B test them when I had the chance. Honestly I could care less for the perceived effect of saving one's hearing. What really matters is the claims that it enhances the sonic signature in wide strokes, everything from tightening the bass to lifting the veil, clarifying the mids and smoothing the trebles, while adding sparkles at the same time. All with the same BA drivers/config. 
    My thought is, if it was such an obvious improvement for the overall sonic signature of IEMs, why aren't the other manufacturers jumping on the band wagon? Where's UE's ADEL models? Why hasn't Jeff Harvey taken an interest in this? Noble Audio? The claims make this tech seem like a future staple in the world of hi-fi IEMs, but companies seem reserved about using them? Just my thoughts, sorry for derailing. 
    I will reach out to AAW but I'm thinking it would be a long shot at best; perhaps I could convince them with a hefty deposit!
  4. crinacle
    My most in-depth A/B comparison was based off 64Audio's V8 and their APEX'd U8. What I could hear was increased soundstage (possibly due to the controlled sound leakage), additional airiness in the mids (perceived boost at 10K perhaps?) and better separation between the instruments. The biggest gripe for me was the sub-bass roll-off that wasn't present in the original V8; articulation and presence wasn't as good on the U8 than on the V8 for sure. Guess that's the trade-off you get.
    There is certainly an improvement in sound, but I'll classify it as similar to the difference you get in an open vs closed headphone. Most people's criticism of the APEX/ADEL module is the reduced isolation, which kind of goes backward on the whole point of customs in the first place. I've always thought the market for the comfort of customs without the isolation of customs was rather small, but the popularity of 64Audio and EE makes me eat my words.
  5. SoundArtillery
    FYI to anyone with a W500, I just learned AAW is offering upgrades to the W900.  I just set the ball in motion.  
  6. tim0chan
    Pm me, we can work something out
  7. tim0chan
    How much tho
  8. tim0chan
    I went for customs for the comfort and fit. the isolation on adel units can be fixed by getting an appropriately sized plug sold on 64audio website.
    the adel module helps to save my hearing since I listen for long hours
  9. tim0chan
    FYI, I find the sound signature similar on my Spartans by using the g1 module
  10. a10101100
    do you mean the W900? unfortunately i havent had the chance to demo.. work commitments.. thank god for postage i guess
  11. crinacle
    Been so long since I've auditioned it that I've actually forgot how it sounds like. I've tried so many more new flagships in that time... the W900 has a lot to live up to that's for sure.
  12. a10101100
    Thanks for your detailed impressions! :) so you sounded like you took the plunge and got the W900 (i read the fine print!)
    I see in your signature you were looking for UERR etc.. so since W900 is reference like, will you say there's definite overlap or they are still good in their respective ways? UERR vs W900 i mean
  13. crinacle
    They're good in their respective ways. I guess if we're going by what I wrote in my post that the W900 could be considered as reference, but what I remember now is that the W900 was spacious, detailed and... boring. Which is pretty much par on course with the UERR, except maybe the W900 has a little more sparkle and air.
    That's not mentioning the bass though. I still remember the W900's low-end like it was yesterday, simply because everything else that I tried up till now still doesn't hold a candle to it.
  14. SoundArtillery
    They sold me the W900 for the difference of the full value of the W500 AHMorph and the promotional pricing.  That's an amazing deal I could not pass up.  I would have probably sold the W500 after receiving the W900 anyway.  This was a massive deal, which saved me some time of eBay or Audiogon.
    tim0chan likes this.
  15. tim0chan
    I meant the non adel spartan
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