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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. SlightlyNoob

    Alright, thanks for the explanation! Would you say that the extension on both ends is better on the W900 as compared to the UERR?
  2. crinacle
    I'd say that while the W900 does have better treble extension, the UERR comes impressively close. I think the issue isn't really extension but rather in presentation; the W900 articulates bass notes and the highest registers much more clearly than the UERR can ever do.
  3. SlightlyNoob

    Thank you for taking the time to answer everything! Completely new to the world of CIEMs here, but the W900 is *seemingly* looking to be my favourite so far. Just a little bit of apprehension before making the jump.
  4. iichigoz
    @crinacle I went for the upgrade too. Haa...
  5. crinacle
    I'd say not to jump in so gung-ho if this is your first CIEM. Especially if you're Singaporean; there are so many places to audition demo units that getting a custom that you don't like would be entirely your fault.
    If you're about to spend W900 levels of cash, look into the 64Audio's A12/A10 (which is V-shaped and neutral respectively), Noble K10, Empire Ears Zeus or the Jomo Samba. And of course, everything else in-between.
    Congrats! Did Null finally accept your upgrade request?
  6. iichigoz

    It was Jaben who didn't want to accept my request. I did it with Null. It's really far for me to get to that place though. Haa
  7. crinacle
    Did you manage to get a listen though? Or are you just jumping in blind haha.
  8. iichigoz

    Oh I was at the launch at Jaben. You prefer the w900 over the 500?
  9. crinacle
    Yes and no. The W500 has an energetic midrange but can sound harsh on certain tracks. There's also the more impactful bass, but it's also a little fuzzy in detailing and speed.
    The W900 is flat and the tonality a little too cold for my taste, but it's also more detailed and on a different technical level altogether. And that bass... god, I've never heard such high quality bass up till then. Makes the W500 (which is still one of the best in bass response) sound bloomy and uncontrolled.
  10. SlightlyNoob

    Will check out those you've recommended! Thanks again!
  11. crinacle
    In case anyone's interested, the W900 is available on AAW's new Capri Indiegogo. Comes with a Capri balanced cable on top of the stock SPC cable for $1600.
  12. Mimouille
    Good deal.
  13. jtung95
    Is this a steal or what? Do you guys think this deal is a one time thing/pre-order discount? Or do bundle discounts like this happen occasionally? I'm really looking to try these, heck, I'm even willing to go in blind, just don't got that kinda cash this month...
  14. snip3r77

    Yes , 1 time off and it's a good deal.
  15. crinacle
    At summit-fi levels, nothing's ever going to be "a steal"... though it definitely fights with giants like the A12 and the Zeus. So, while I don't necessarily agree with high-end customs breaking the $2000 barrier more and more, at $1500 it's definitely one I can recommend if you like its signature.
    Though I still don't advise going in blind for customs. That's a lot of cash you're footing, after all.
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