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Addiction to EQ

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by mmd8x28, Apr 5, 2010.
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  1. nycbone
    I make good use of the built-in EQ on my Clip and have an actual graphic equalizer inserted between my sources and headphone amplifier. And have since I became involved in this hobby (early 80s - still using the same equalizer!).
    EQ is essential to hearing music the way you want to hear it and having/using it would save a lot of Head-Fiers a lot of time, trouble and $.
    Does the recording engineer know what suits your ears? No.
    The headphone manufacturer? No.
    Anyone else that manufactured anything in your signal chain? No.
    Can it make a pair of crummy headphones sound good? Probably not.
    Can it make a pair of decent headphones sound great? You betcha.
    Constantly switching DACs, amps and headphones is a waste of resources. You can put together an inexpensive system that gets you 90% of the way there and make it nearly perfect (for YOUR ears) with an equalizer.
    So... get a decent system, make it sound the way you want with an equalizer and spend your online time researching music.
  2. xnor
  3. Nachash
    The foobar equalizer is amazing, i've changed media player for that.
  4. Young Spade


    That's great to hear. I'm using media monkey right now but as soon as I go through everything in my library and weed out all the stuff i don't like (which is going to take a LONG time unfortunately) I'll switch over to Foobar.
  5. Ham Sandwich
    Many of the better media players can use plugins and there are various EQ plugins available.  You aren't necessarily stuck with the stock EQ.  For example, Foobar and J River Media Center can make use of VST plugins and there are numerous good EQs available.  WinAmp and MediaMonkey can use WinAmp plugins and there are a few EQ plugins available (Electri-Q being one).
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