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Addiction to EQ

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by mmd8x28, Apr 5, 2010.
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  1. rmouser
    I think it's also important to realize that our preferred listening volume can greatly affect the need to equalize. Human hearing is far less sensitive at low volume to both bass and treble. That's just the way our ears are built. The louder you get, the closer to neutral or even your hearing becomes. So people who tend to listen to music very quietly might also tend to have a V shaped EQ curve. Perfectly normal, as it would help the music sound natural.
    Yes. I have survived decades of headphone and speaker music by reducing the volume (especially headphones) and boosting the EQ levels so the desire to go to head splitting levels is greatly reduced, but not eliminated (moderation and all that).

  2. setmenu
    Here is a fun thing you can do with an eq/dsp , try to trim things to achieve the apparent perceived effect of a 'trick' ic cable and see how similar you can get them.[​IMG]
    I did this with a passive eq a while back..
  3. SP Wild
    I don't believe an EQ can do what good cables can do - that is to expand the soundstage.
  4. Head Injury

    How does a cable expand the soundstage in a way the EQ cannot?
  5. xnor
    through "magic", lots of $$$, and belief :p

  6. nikongod


    Can you prove that a cable is capable of expanding soundstage with DBT? No? go back to the subjectivistis forum.
  7. rmouser
    As xnor stated: through "magic", lots of $$$, and belief :p
    I'll ad sales hype also.
    Cables have been debunked far more than EQ. Reason? You CAN hear the effect immediately.
    Does SP Wild sell cables by chance?
  8. Prog Rock Man
    A cable with built in EQ. You heard of it here first, it was my idea and I bagsy it. Now how do I do it?????
  9. Head Injury

    You don't have to. Just say you did.
    And that it can auto-adjust the EQ to the user's subconsciously desired level because wish-granting powdered unicorn horn was used as an insulator.
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  10. JxK
    Ok, slowly moving away from magical unicorns and getting back on topic...[​IMG]
    I think that the main reason more people don't use an equalizer is simply because they don't know how. Maybe they think it's too complicated, maybe they're intimidated, but for whatever reason they are unable to use a parametric EQ.  Which means they are stuck using those silly presets which never work properly, and thus form the mistaken perception that an EQ distorts the sound.
    I can sympathize, learning how to EQ isn't super easy, and even Rockbox's 5 band quasi-parametric EQ can be daunting for an inexperienced user coming from the ipod EQ. But I still think that the idea of one sound fits all is a fallacy, and those willing to learn some EQ basics will very quickly come to improve their listening experience. Who needs $500 cables for your home system when they have even a basic 10 band software EQ?
  11. Head Injury

    Agreed. While I wouldn't touch a preset EQ and dislike regular band equalizers, I have taken a liking to the free version of Electri-Q for Foobar. EQed the HF2's sub-bass up so it's less pathetic and audible down to 40Hz instead of 50, then dropped the mid-bass at 100Hz by -1 or -1.5dB to get rid of an issue with bloat on some mid-bass heavy songs. Looks pretty, sounds great with no audible distortion. More and better balanced bass. Suggestions welcome, too.
    Free and it's proven to do something audible. Win-win.
    Going to Rockbox my new Clip+ soon so I can boost the RE0 bass without bloating it. The band from the original OS reaches up too high, makes for too much mid-bass. Doesn't stop me from pushing it up to +4 so I can hear a kickdrum over a cymbal ride.
  12. setmenu
  13. Achmedisdead


    Apparently it's not easy, given the threads I've seen on other forums, where people want to know what everyone else's EQ settings are, and asking for suggestions on the "right" setting. Facepalm.gif
    One thing I miss from my Samsung player that I sold was the 7-band EQ included in the "My DNSe" settings...it worked very well.
  14. Prog Rock Man
    Since EQ cables made by unicorns are some time away, is there a stand a lone EQ programme which I could use on my laptop? I mainly stream off the internet with the likes of Spotify, which has no EQ.
  15. xnor

    If you can, just process the files before copying them to your DAP. This way you can listen to crossfeeded, EQ'd ... tracks on your DAP.
    Just one click on my foobar conversion preset... awesome!
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