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Addiction to EQ

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by mmd8x28, Apr 5, 2010.
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  1. SP Wild
    These days I can't stop adjusting the EQ for different tracks to suit my preferences.  The purists conception of avoiding EQ is pure BS.
    Also some of you guys (esp Nikongod) should take a chill pill.  Everything I ever express in this forum is purely my opinion and I explicitly stated "I believe" - Telling an EQ fan to bugger off from an EQ thread is pure BS.
    (yeah I'm talking to you, bloody idiot)
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  2. setmenu


    Thought about that , but different phones need different eq [and some music] and it also depends on which clip. easier just to create the presets i need and load them accordingly.
  3. Prog Rock Man


    I agree, apart from telling others to take a chill pill and then calling someone a bloody idiot [​IMG]
    In relation to the post that brought this all on, do you not think that eq can be used to widen sound stage? I have little experience of eq, so I genuinely do not know.
  4. JxK

    Sort of, kind of. What I've found is that when headphones are overly warm, which means that they have a mid bass hump somewhere in the 200-300Hz region they also give the impression of a compressed soundstage. So lowering the volume of the 200-300Hz band by a few decibels will lower midbass and sometimes give the impression of more soundstage. YYMV.
  5. SP Wild
    A legitimate discussion of EQ in an EQ thread...only to be told in no uncertain terms to bugger off.
    If you aren't willing to say something to someones face in their physical presence - don't say it when you can hide behind a screen.  I wish someone will say these things to me in my physical presence - the possible outcomes are entertainingly endless.  Though it rarely occurs as I am generally a friendly and polite person.  [​IMG]

    JXKs above post sits halfway in my belief systems, psycho acoustically - yes.  This is not a cable thread so I won't begin - as the result will obviously be immature insults.
  6. nikongod


    What I said has nothing to do with you enjoying the use of EQ. I also use EQ in my system and would be hard pressed to go back to a "purists" system without an EQ. I think people who shun EQ are shorting themselves of a great tool.
    What I said was Specfically in regards to your comment that a cable can expand soundstage when an EQ can not. can you back that up? I have asked people to back cable claims up with DBT evidence in person. Its usually met with cop outs of "you cant really DBT cables" for any number of unscientific reasons. 
  7. K_19
    I used to shun EQ until I required my HD800.  And now, the circumstances has me using it extensively, and I'm very glad that I am...
    When I got my HD800, I knew immediately that these were pretty much tailor made for classical, jazz, and acoustic music and for these genres, I still prefer that they're left non-eq'ed to my ears.  I also found out why many claim that these aren't really for mainstream genres like rock, pop, dance, rap, etc;  the undeniable emphasis in the sibilance region in the HD800 prevented, at least in my case, from enjoying these overly much (and to a lesser degree, not enough weight in the bass).  I do find that many songs in these genres are not mastered that well (specially in that sibilance region that typically seem boosted; though this is likely in part done on purpose to make an illusion of making it sound "clearer" on everyday speakers and stock headphone/buds that tend to be weak in this area), so with HD800 having an emphasis in this area it kind of compounds the problem, making it a painful listen. 
    This is when I started EQing my foobar to reduce the top end of the sibilance region (7-10k) my HD800's were emphasizing (not by much, maximum 3-4 dbs or so).  This has increased my enjoyment of the aforementioned Rock/pop/J and K pop/dance/rap genres immensely, even with the HD800's that are supposedly not that great with them.  Not only is the sibilance no longer a problem, but it also enabled me to boost the volume on my amp just a tad more, giving it the slight extra bass needed to enjoy those genres fully (before EQ'ing this is not possible to do, not before it kills my ears first from harsh sibilance anyway).  It's only a slight decrease, and it is eq'ed down, so there's no problems with clipping/distortion that I can hear, and I can still turn it off if I wanted to enjoy the classical/acoustic genres fully.  It just makes sense to do IMO to make the HD800's more of an all arounder.
    So yeah, I now fully believe that EQ does have its place.  You just have to fully know the qualities of the headphones/amp/source in question and then apply the EQ correctly.  
  8. aimlink Contributor
    I was listening to my Ed8's for an extended period of time and while doing so, grew in the feeling that what made me enjoy the Ed8's so much when compared to the HD800's was it's more prominent bass.
    I decided to EQ my HD800's.  I've always been very happy with the mids and highs with the HD800's.  Just the bass being a tad light.  Some recordings suffered a lot while others didn't.
    I decided to boost the bass a little and the effect has been absolutely marvelous.  I absolutely love how they sound now.  The greatest bass clarity I've heard yet.  Tight, articulate and effortless with the very deep notes. My curve is this:
    I do suspect that this has a lot to do with what is done with amp matching.  The EQ is a lot cheaper.  My Ultra Desktop Amp provides great amplification of what's sent to it so the bass is stunning indeed.  Not too much.  I didn't like the stock D5000's for its bass.
    As to loss of sound quality with the EQ'ing.  I'm so happy that I can't appreciate this. [​IMG]
  9. JxK


    EQing shouldn't affect sound quality. But if it does distort because you've boosted the bass up too far, try reducing instead.
    Basically, instead of upping the bass, just lower the mids and treble a little. You get a defacto increase in bass, and absolutely no possibility of distortion.
  10. aimlink Contributor

    It hasn't distorted.  Not to my ears.  That's all that matters.
  11. Nestroit
    Clear Bass +2 works fine on my Sony NWZ-A845(only!) with the Westone 2, the Westone 2 sounds now as powerful as the UM2 and the W2 is far superior.
    I can enjoy the Westone without EQ, but the presentation is just too neutral for my taste, Bassy songs and genres sound too flat... As long as the EQ works without distortion, it's ok.
    that -EQ is crap-talking is bullcrap, if I plug my Westone 2 on my brothers Sony NWZ-A826, the bass is bigger but bloated... so whats the real sound of the Westone 2? there has to be a DAP to each In-ear... same goes for the DAPs, there are some which enhance the bass and some are lacking in bass repsonse.
    find your own sound and appreciate it without regrets, as long as there are no technical problems, I am speaking about problems you can actually hear, not the analytical testing results which you can not even hear.
    some Headphones response very well to the EQ, you could add dB without getting into trouble, just like my Westone 2, it is like, without EQ the Westone 2 shows only 75% of his power... lazy Bass driver.. :D
  12. Nachash
    I think that this settings works just fine with every headphone.
  13. Nestroit
    I don't think that there is a universal EQ-Setting, simply because every headphone has got his own frequency response and a lot of people have got a different taste...
    high fidelity/linear frequency response whatsoever is just a taste, not a must have, if you simply can not enjoy the high fidelty sound because it sounds to flat, boring or whatever you are complaining about... why you shouldn't be allowed to adjust the Sound and enjoy your music in proper quality and the way you want it to be?
    that's audiophile fascism and paranoia, screw them.
  14. Somnambulist
    Mainly been a headphone thread but as far as speakers go, I'm sure it was here or AV Forums I saw that pricey gear that evaluates the way your room's acoustics affect frequency response and EQs it to compensate, so another +1 for EQ. I EQ my S:Flo2 mainly because when I listen to the dancey stuff I want oodles of bass!
  15. RockinCannoisseur
    yes eq is boss,  and not everyone has flac files of there favorite recordings, so imo eq is essential for the less than perfect recordings.
       and some players ive used i would rate their eq 1> FUBAR 2000-truly amazing eq The best!                                                                             2> Media monkey-versatile but can be delayed switching                                                        3> I tunes--itunes eq is god awful and not worthy of a child's attention,, i truly hate i tunes and there mongoloid eq.  and it pisses me off a company that state of the art cant get a descent eq,,and thats for their computer interface,, dont even get me started on ipod  preset eq:frowning2:    I TRULY HATE PRESET EQ AND SO SHOULD  YOU!
     so yea eq is an audio faux pas indeed, but  it will give you a more pleasing listening experience.
    there is no eq allowed at the hamptons!
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