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Acoustune HS1690TI

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  1. Focux
  2. Focux
    No love for Acoustune? :s
  3. Zerousen
    Excited to see what other things Acoustune might have in store. If I have to be honest, I don't like how 1690Ti looks color wise haha. Will be curious to see how they sound, though.
  4. Focux
    It looks kinda tawdry..

  5. BananaOoyoo
    Personally preferred the 1650CU - both in terms of sound and aesthetics - over the 1690TI and definitely over the 1670SS. Not sure how the 1690TI has changed since I heard it late last year though.
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  6. Focux
    Didn’t manage to try 1690 but ended up going for 1650 than 1670; sounded more engaging at the cost of refinement but that’s my preferred sig
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  7. warriorpoet
    Egads. Man, do I ever want to listen through this series. THe 1670SS sounds just about right, but I find it pretty hard to justify that kind of outlay without hearing them first :wink:
  8. Ahmad313
    Any information about the price tag of these 1690TI ,?
  9. Focux
    uncertain but pretty sure it's in the ballpark of USD1000
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  10. BananaOoyoo
    I’m guessing probably in the $800-900 range.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a really appealing IEM at that price range though... the HS16xx are all supposed to be on the same level, and while the 1650 at $500-600 is interesting, once you start jumping to the next price bracket, I think you get a lot of alternatives that have the same (or better) performance.
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  11. Focux
    +1 on this
  12. Ahmad313
  13. Toolman
    You’re about right..tried out the 1690 vs 1670 vs 1650 and the 1690Ti matches my listening taste the best. Bass are well controlled, better instruments separation and everything just sounded more coherent. This is one heck of an iem for the asking price...needless to say it will be coming home with me
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  14. Ahmad313
    Nice to hear this one is a clear upgrade to 1650 and 1670 ,
    Is there also a new version of 1650 ,? i heard there is a new version of 1650 called 1650WH or something ,
  15. toranku
    1650WH is a retune from the standard 1650. White in appearance.
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