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Acoustune HS1690TI

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  1. ehjie

    If u could see my signature (i own a w50), amongst the top 10 (even top 5) preferred IEMs by bassheads. the 1670ss voices are NOT recessed @ all. In that initial impression forgot to mention the immense amount of low level details (others call this micro detail). I'm way past halfway the Aging (burning in), a proper impression will follow soon...
  2. Focux
    Hopefully I can demo these tmr and compare them w my 1650
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  3. warriorpoet
  4. Focux
    warriorpoet likes this.
  5. warriorpoet
    Looking forward to reading your impressions :)
    bden59 likes this.
  6. Focux
    Guess there won’t be any, no TI available for demo :/
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