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Acoustune HS1690TI

  1. warriorpoet
    Any details on this? What kind of retune; what are the goals/ adjustments?
  2. duaned
    The 1650 sounds amazing, ill jump at Acoustone if they prove to be superior to these.
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  3. SoundDouble
    Just saw these on my Instagram feed. I've wanted to try out some acoustunes for a while. Haven't had the opportunity though.

    I'd love to see a review on these.
  4. Focux
    haha, and i'm thinking of selling off my 1650
  5. HiFlight
    Me too as my Penta's have replaced my CU as my main IEM.
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  6. duaned
    Wow! How do the Pentas compare? The RAI's have not been getting too many favourable reviews.
    I have owned many IEM's ( including expensive ones from campfire etc.) and I find the 1650 destroys them all, including the solaris. There is just something about the deep and energetic bass with endless treble extension I like on the 1650CU.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  7. HiFlight
    I really enjoy the SQ of the Penta. Plus they have the best build quality and fit of any IEM I have owned. Not many reviews as only about 400 sets have been built and those sold out within days to the European market where they were first introduced. According to the Meze folks I spoke with at Axpona, they are very labor intensive to build. They are now trying to fill another 200 remaining pre-orders.
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  8. bden59
    Penta has less treble extension. Too litle air and subbass.
  9. HiFlight
    To each his own. ..after several weeks of 4-5 hours of use daily, I hear no lack of sub-bass or air. On the contrary, I hear a very well-balanced and realistic SQ. I will say that they are quite picky with regard to tips and seem to prefer a very shallow depth of insertion while still maintaining a seal with no leakage.
    I will avoid further Penta discussion here as I don't want to derail this thread.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  10. warriorpoet
    Has anyone heard release date/ price info on the 1650WH or 1690Ti? I'll be in position to treat myself in around a month or so, and I'd very much consider either.
  11. warriorpoet
    Well look at this...


    1655WH is out and about, too. Lovely looking, both of them, though I wish the 1695s were less gold...
  12. TooPoorForHiFi
    Curious where would you place an order in the US?
  13. ehjie

    You're absolutely right. One listener's perfect, but not for the other. I love the scaling, it's huge soundstage, immersive even w/ stacked kit. The Bass may be a lot for some. The Details retrieval of any kind should be appreciated by most. Im still aging it, right now @ about reaching 50 hours. According to the authorised seller, 100 hours...
  14. SilentNote
    I really liked the 1670 as well. Still in the process of auditioning it a few more times before I'll buy them. I want to make sure I disagree with Crin's assessment that they have too much metallic shrill.
  15. warriorpoet
    THat is definitely a turnoff for me. I do wonder how the 1695 deals with that. I'm not hugely into V-shaped FRs, TBH. I'd love something that looks like the 16xx series, but sounds like the EX1000 :D

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