AAW x Shozy Pola and Pola 39 Tour
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Formerly with The Source AV
Oct 6, 2017
Torrance, CA
The Source AV in collaboration with AAW and Shozy are looking for a hand in putting together a tour for the Pola and Pola 39!


The Pola is 13mm dynamic and electrostatic driver design where as the Pola 39 is 10mm dynamic and dual electrostatic design!

If you are interested in being part of this tour, please post below and I will send you a PM! This tour is just for USA for now. Those a part of the tour will have one week before it is sent off to the next recipient.

We just ask from those apart of the tour some impressions to be posted here or in the official threads covering the Pola/Pola 39. We will be sending out both IEMs but should you so choose, you can just give impressions for one or either IEMs.
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Let me know if this goes outside the USA!
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I’m interested in these, would love a chance to try them and give impressions
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I would love to give these a try
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Would love to give these a listen. I've owned a few AAW & Shozy IEMs and am curious about their implementation of the ES driver. Also curious about the Symphonum cable as well.
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Have the first version of the Pola, interested in hearing the Pola 39.
I'm in NJ.
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Finally Shozy has their tour of the Pola! I've tried both the Pola and Pola 39 and love the latter more. Both are great but caters to different sound preference. These are definitely underrated.
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Shozy Pola 39 in the house!
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I am interested, and thoroughly enjoyed the previous collab between AAW & Shozy.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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