1. TSAVWayne

    Woo Audio VIP Listening Event @ TSAV

    Calling all headphone audio lovers!!!!! We have some exciting news to share on Saturday, August 5th, 2023, from 12 pm-6 pm at our TSAV Torrance, California showroom. https://youtu.be/S4cUn-tV__k TSAV: 3035 Kashiwa St., Torrance, CA. 90505. We will be hosting a Woo Audio VIP Listening Event in...
  2. MRHiFiReviews

    The Amazing Audio Research I50 integrated with headphones is way better than expected.

    First Look Video: =AT0uy-qksyAhNJjjc6HAXhkRrIjE_-Z12bt9cZEG2vos3YK3cGK79H5jyYmsw89HEwAdU5jCEWseVPedpMhG0KRFncidztqM3ebYiKn-bjVu3IU6bs42KGMhPvucEuY_-GfZqQ7TxLF9Of0qBec8yLKjIMQBz9tddpBPmEL3UMf_X_dn7fKiXuDemNOx8DL9eFd0Olk']https://youtu.be/tZOuxQB55Wg TSAV WEB...
  3. TSAVWayne

    Sennheiser B-Stock Sale

    A New Shipment Has Arrived, Limited Quantities, Reach Out Quickly. The Source AV Design (TSAV) wayne@thesourceav.com (310) 534-9900 Hours: Tuesday - Friday (11am - 5pm) Saturday (12pm - 6pm)
  4. TSAVJason

    TSAV’s Sennheiser B-Stock sale! Amazing prices!

    We worked a deal to bring this sale to you. 3 popular headphones at serious discounts while supplies last.
  5. TSAVWayne

    The New Flagship From Meze Audio, The "Elite" Now Available To Order.

    From TSAV. Announcing The New Flagship Headphone From Meze, The "ELITE". Now Available To Order. For more details, go here. https://thesourceav.com/product-detail.php?p=1201&b=19&os=1
  6. TSAVWayne

    MHA200 Tube Headphone Amplifier (In Stock & Available For Demo)

    From TSAV. In Stock & Available To Demo In Our Headphone Bar, The New MHA200 Tube Headphone Amplifier. For more info, go here. https://thesourceav.com/product-detail.php?p=1172&b=6&c=3
  7. TSAVWayne

    Audeze Demo Sale At The Source AV Design

    Please fell free to call us for the models we have available, currently we have the LCD-4 & 4Z, LCD-3, LCD-X & XC models available to demo & purchase. We are in the LA area, Torrance, CA. Let me know if you have questions about them, thanks.
  8. TSAVJason

    New McIntosh MHA200 Headphone amp

    This new gem of a headphone tube amp! Coming to our showroom on March 1st for demo and sale! Pre-orders are being taken starting February 4th 2021 The MHA200 takes advantage of unique McIntosh technologies to create the best possible personal listening experience. The Unity Coupled Circuit...
  9. TSAVAlan

    Have Used Headphones, Amps, or DACs you are looking to get rid of? Trade In and Save with The Source AV!

    The Source AV is pleased to announce in partnership with The Music Room, our Trade In and Save program! https://thesourceav.com/tradeup.php Simply fill out the form and submit it. And within 1-2 business days our team will respond back with a fair trade in value that you can use towards your...
  10. TSAVAlan

    LAOCAS/TSAV Zoom Meeting With HEDD Audio SAT. 8-15-20

    With Covid 19 locking down California for events, The Source AV is partnering up with HEDD Audio and the LAOCAS to hold a Zoom event! Date: Saturday, August 15, 2020 Time: 2-4 PM PST Online @ The Source AV Design Group Register in advance for this Zoom meeting...
  11. TSAVAlan

    A Statement from The Source AV

  12. TSAVAlan

    The Source AV Mini Meet Featuring Dunu! Dec 21, 2019

    Dunu is coming to The Source AV to show off their entire line-up of IEMs and their new Luna! The world's first pure beryllium foil dynamic driver flagship in-ear More details in their Luna thread...
  13. TSAVAlan

    The Source AV Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday is here and we are running a bunch of sales. Deals on our website but also available through phone/email/PM here on Head-Fi. Raal SR1a for $3149 this weekend! https://thesourceav.com/product-detail.php?p=660&b=60&os=1 Ultimate Ears has a bunch of discounts on their top of...
  14. TSAVAlan

    Extended Holiday Hours at The Source AV in November!

    To help assist in holiday shopping or for those seeking just to listen for a little bit longer... The Source AV is extending our store hours in the month of November till 8pm! The Source AV carries a large selection of High End Headphones, Amps, Dacs, and more available to demo right in our...
  15. TSAVAlan

    AAW x Shozy Pola and Pola 39 Tour

    The Source AV in collaboration with AAW and Shozy are looking for a hand in putting together a tour for the Pola and Pola 39! https://www.aaw.me/products/pola-electrostatic-universal-in-ear-monitor http://www.shozy-hk.com/pola-1 http://www.shozy-hk.com/pola39 The Pola is 13mm dynamic and...
  16. TSAVAlan

    Audeze Launch Event, 3 New Headphones! August 31st, 2019

    Audeze is out with three new headphones and want to have a event at The Source AV to help launch. We will have the just announced LCD-i3, it will be the first public viewing of their new IEM. https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-i3 The LCD-GX, the new gaming headset from Audeze. The final...
  17. TSAVAlan

    The Source AV Mini Meet Featuring Raal! Aug 17th

    The Source AV is proud to carry the Raal SR1a and celebrate, this Saturday we will be hosting a mini-meet in store. Danny from Raal will be joining us and bring a few extra sets of SR1a and answering questions. We will be providing some refreshments to attendees but feel free to bring some if...
  18. TSAVAlan

    ZMF Headphones Liquidation Sale @ The Source AV! Limited Quantities Available!

    All Gone! Call (800) 700-7029, email me at alan@thesourceav.com or shoot me a PM to order while supplies last!
  19. TSAVAlan

    Focal Specials at TSAV!! Extra Stock from the Holidays at Insane price!!!

    Focal Clears @ Call in for Price! Focal Elear @ $499! Focal Utopia/Questyle QP2R Bundle WELL BELOW $3000! Call in for the specific price! We ordered too many headphones from the holidays and are extending these wonderful savings while supplies last! Full Warranty and Brand New Focal...
  20. TSAVAlan

    MrSpeakers x The Source AV Meet! January 26th Noon-6pm!

    https://www.facebook.com/events/758250424532779/ The Source A/V 3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101 Torrance, CA 90505 1-310-534-9900 January 26th 12PM-6PM @ The Source AV, MrSpeakers will be coming up from San Diego for a wonderful meet. Food and beverage will provided and additional MrSpeakers...
  21. TSAVAlan

    The Source AV Focal Clear Extravaganza!

    The holidays are here and The Source AV has the best prices for the Focal Clears! Prices so good you will have to call in for! Give us a call or shoot me an email for any of your headphone needs! 3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101 | Torrance, CA | 90505 1-310-534-9900 alan@thesourceav.com
  22. TSAVAlan

    HiFiMAN Liquidation Sale!

    The Source AV is blowing out our HiFiMAN at big discounts! Half off retail! HE-1000 V2 Gone! Edition X V2 Gone! Sundara MSRP Gone! ALL GONE!
  23. TSAVAlan

    The Source AV Saturday Specials!

    Our B-Stock Sale will continue to run this summer! The Source AV will be running specials every Saturday! June 30th, Chord will be on sale! We are located at: 3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101 | Torrance, CA | 90505 1-310-534-9900 Have any headphones or headphone related gear suggestion for...