1. TSAVAlan

    AAW x Shozy Pola and Pola 39 Tour

    The Source AV in collaboration with AAW and Shozy are looking for a hand in putting together a tour for the Pola and Pola 39! https://www.aaw.me/products/pola-electrostatic-universal-in-ear-monitor http://www.shozy-hk.com/pola-1 http://www.shozy-hk.com/pola39 The Pola is 13mm dynamic and...
  2. Shozy & AAW POLA

    Shozy & AAW POLA

    ‘A design that truly brings out the ES driver’s qualities’’ The first thing that comes to our mind when the latest Sonion ES-driver consisting of fancy micro step-up transformers are sent to us in early 2018? It is not about achieving higher specs, but rather what we can do to utilize the...