A new high end player: Colorfly
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For that price, I would have expected two sliders for pitch control, a crossfader, two line levels, and the ability to mix tracks.
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More photos.
Someone opened the player; and, some of photos seem to be promotion materials. You got to see and believe.

O----M----G!!  Are those Electrolytic Capacitors?!  GTFO, that thing will probably die in 1-2 years.  Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside.  Count me out.
They just compared it to a $28000 home audio system too.  Maybe it sucks?  Umm, yeah.  
  And they referred to the XFi dock as an amp station.  These guys are full of crap.
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I got to say from looking at the pictures, this player looks extremly classy! Can't say that the interior pictures says me much but i'm still pretty intressted in this player. Now we really need some impressions on it!
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I'd still rather see a few people that have listened to it then the usual crowd that scoffs at anything even before it is released.
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Originally Posted by abyrvalg /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Are you aware that your XFi ElitePro has "those Electrolytic Capacitors?!" ?
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Yeah, I've had that XFi for 5-6 years now.  That was prior to my personal ban on electrolytic caps.  I also got my XFi for less than 1/3 the price of the Colorfly.  You won't find any electrolytic caps on my Mobo or GPU.  
  Plus I can manage cooling and the environment of my PC better than an enclosed DAP encased in insulating wood.  You will find electronic heaven overflowing with the souls of dead motherboards as result of bad caps.  Dell...cough, cough. 
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I posted a comment yesterday about how wear and tear would make the wood on that thing look awful within a year, but it was removed for some reason. Weird.
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I posted a comment yesterday about how wear and tear would make the wood on that thing look awful within a year, but it was removed for some reason. Weird.

Yeah I remember that.
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I am really really puzzled. Don't manufacturers usually try to hide the inner? This guy kept posting more inner photos? Enjoy.

If you are proud of the design, quality components, and workmanship, you show it off.  Such as the pics for the Sflo2 you seem to hate for some reason and the Arrow.  Never seen the internals of a Sansa, hmmm.  There is a reason you walk past a Ferrari or Audi R8 and the engines are housed under glass.  I know some oil sheik just bought 2 of the most expensive Aston Martins ever built.  One w/ the body and one w/o a body.  If you are into craftsmanship or engineering it makes total sense.  Ever heard of skeleton watches?  


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