A New Apex product!!! Name it HERE!!!

Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by todd, Oct 1, 2014.
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  1. Savant
    Hi.  What are the Power specs into 300 and 600 Ohm loads? And the projected retail price?
  2. smial1966
    Was tempted to call it `Arctic Roll' had the naming competition still been open...
    ...apologies for the distraction, back on topic.
  3. Frederose
    I think they just forgot...
  4. Bob383rad
    How about the Avalanche?
    From your most recent Pinnacle purchaser.
  5. lugnut
    What ever happened to this amp ?  Was production a no go ? Did the winner of this contest receive his amp ? If so, did he sell it (not listed in his profile) ?
    Sorry if I seem nosy, I did enter this contest, and today I went to TTVJ to see if it was in stock and there is no sign of it, that I could find.
  6. Eddie C
    Todd told me they are not putting the amp into production so in fact the one I have is a one of a kind product. 
  7. Wildcatsare1

    Okay, now really ruin our nights and tell us how beautiful it sounds:wink:!
  8. Eddie C
  9. jelt2359 Contributor
    Let's get this party started! I just received the P2X, but I've loaned it to a friend. It comes only with 3.5mm outputs on the front- no 6.5mm. So naturally my friend is using it with a resistor with his IEMs, and is gonna be in here in a bit with impressions. :) Stay tuned!!
  10. iichigoz

    The P2X is really amazing guys. It gave my w500 much more wholeness and it's very clear yet there's that tinge of sweetness there. I wonder why they didn't continue with this amp. Probably the best I've heard so far as compared to the CDM and Auralic Taurus that I had.
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  11. jelt2359 Contributor

    Thanks for the impressions, I see you're using it with a 3.5mm out from your dap. Interesting, I do kinda wonder if they had meant for this to be a transportable amp. Impressive that it beats your Taurus as well- that amp is certainly no slouch. Apart from your w500 does it have good synergy with other iems?
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