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A headphone tribute goodbye to Tyll from Innerfidelity

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by caenlenfromOCN, May 12, 2018.
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  1. tbollier
    That van home looks really sweet
  2. oozlum
    Here's Tyll's Wall Of Fame in PDF that I just made as a little back up before it's gone. Here's the link for anyone interested : goo.gl/eXxTEy
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  3. Ripper2860
  4. raypin
    Ot: mm....just for the record and moving forward, it will be a major mistake to scrap the Wall of Fame for Headphones and In-ears. WOF drives traffic to Innerfidelity because there’s nothing like it elsewhere. Also, it makes it easier for headphone enthusiasts to make quick decisions about specific headphones. WOF is a seal of approval from a well-respected reviewer and his choices have withstood the test of time.

    I am watching........that’s all.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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  5. intlsubband
    I hope Tyll will keep a blog from the road about his adventures!
  6. EDN80
    Who would've thought we'd see the day?

    Tyll is gone, my SONY MDR-Z1Rs are not. Still going strong. So's my love for the AKGs K702/712 and K812 and my dislike for the HD800. Speaking of the HD800, funny he's not taking them on the road after having named them "THE BEST HEADPHONES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!" for years on end. He's not taking any of the Focals either. Hmmm...

    Fare thee well, I say, but understandably, he will not be missed on this end! Au contraire.

    Let's see what Rafe Arnott brings to the table.
    Last edited: May 29, 2018
  7. SHAMuuu
    He seems cool enough to stay somewhat level headed from the monotonous nature of living in the woods.


    He said his "end-game" is to drive around South America. Maybe he wants to ride into the sunset with a nice South American woman.

    God Bless the Headphone Godfather.
  8. SHAMuuu

    Apologies for double post, but I see you like the 712 even while owning a Z1R. How far apart are they in terms of musical enjoyment, and for kicks in a fidelity battle?

    Any input appreciated

    thx :D
  9. JamieMcC
    Tyrll I wish you all the best for the future and thanks for all the great reads, I will miss your postings on innerfidelity.

    To be honest I am a tad jealous actually of the new adventures that lay ahead for you and Putt a simple life paired back to the essentials (plus a few little luxury's of course) holds a lot of appeal.

    Maybe if we are lucky in time you will post or blog of your new life on the open road and the many adventures you are sure to have.

    Best wishes
  10. Selfish Android
    Because of one of his videos like 5 years ago i jumped into the audiophile world and got the Sennheiser HD558, hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent after all these years i don't know if i should curse him or thank him lol

    Hope he realize his dreams and have an awesome retirement with headphones or without them.
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  11. caenlenfromOCN
    His wall of fame is what got me hooked, I was like hmm, what is this hobby? Was a random day and a random youtube video... now I have a 1 grand setup... :/

    but if the Audeze Mobius impresses me, I plan to sell everything and retire from this hobby. need to catch up on my other hobbies: reading, writing, gaming, PC building, nature stuff, and I have been biking everyday again for last two months... but yeah any hobby you have to be careful not to get hooked. I think its normal as human to become OCD about certain things, everyone does, whether its their career, drugs, sports, or our hobbies. balance is so important. in this sense Tyll's video really made me have some perspective, he is telling us not to take life so seriously and just go on an adventure in w.e form that may be for you. :) don't criticize the Beats, realize this is sort of his message. I think. :)
  12. leeperry
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  13. amartignano
    I wish all the best for Tyll and his new adventure.

    In the meantime, I was worried by the new style of Innerfidelity, with two almost pure marketing post and the article about "measurements tell not all the story, how to measure emotional connection?" Oh dear... I expressed my concerns on innerfidelity and my post and others referencing to my post were deleted. Great new style!
    As I said there, Innerfidelity as a reference is probably disappeared.
    I saved all the measurement and the WoF, before they're gone.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  14. JamieMcC
    The new man at the helm shows in the last post of the Bing, Badda-Boom, Bubinga comments section that his practical knowledge and ability to make good common-sense judgements are pretty suspect if his choice of Audeze LCD-XC for headphones to "wear on the bus, train or plane without disturbing those around me" is anything to go by.

    Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about how savvy the new guy is.

    Probably hard to choose a more impractical headphone for portable use. Heavy, expensive, easily damaged, massive size, hope he never has to run to catch a train in them. Probably should have chosen something off the wall of fame oh hang on you cant anymore as he is going to do away with it. I noted the comments section was closed after that post so suspect there were a few further posts on that topic that were censored as well.
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  15. caenlenfromOCN
    If they want to lose money then let them, I wouldn't complain about it. That is the beauty of the free markets, just go somewhere else for your audio news/charts. Or do as Tyll did, and realize its just a hobby and there are bigger things to life.
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