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A headfi movie script I wrote in the HE500 thread a long time ago, thought maybe more might enjoy it.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bleak, Apr 22, 2014.
  1. BleaK
    Cue epic movie music
    Narrator: In this town, Headfi... Where the pricier headphones gets pricier, and were artist endorsed headphones rule the streets. There is one headphone who is destined to bring back the balance between cost and sound quality...
    SR-009: "I don't know who this hifiman is, but I want him and his frequency graph, DEAD!"
    Narrator: Every flagship wants a bite of him...
    TH-900: "How can such a lowlife touch us, the expensives?"
    T1: "He is never gonna replace me! NEVER!"
    HD800: "No one leaves here without a treble-spike...."
    Narrator: He is...  HE-500!
    HE-500: "I didn't choose this... I didn't want to be a hero..."
    Cue soft piano music
    Modded T50RP: "HE-500 this place need you. I need you. Before I met you I was a lowlife ortho, but you showed me, you showed all of Headfi, that this place can be something different. We can ALL have a balanced frequency graph."
    HE-500 "Baby, I'll make Tyll measure you all night long..."
    *Explosion, HE-500 walking away*
    Dramatic high paced movie music
    ???: "He is no match for me... Don't worry SR-009, I've dealt with his kind before..."
    Modded T50RP: "No! Don't touch me! Leave me alone!"
    Empty streets. HE-500 walks in front of a building.
    HE-500: "Set her free! It's me you want! Come out you coward!"
    Voice from building: "So, you've come at last, HE-500...."
    HE-500: "I know this frequency response... You are..."
    LCD-2 walks out of the building
    HE-500: "My nemesis..."
    Evil laughter from LCD-2
    Narrator: THIS SUMMER, a headphone world you have never experienced. HE-500, with help from his brothers HE-400....
    HE-400: "YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA, did someone drop the BASS on this place or what!?"
    Narrator: ...and HE-6...
    HE-6: "Isn't there any bar in this god forsaken place with power enough to drive me...?"
    Narrator: ...will he be the one headphone to save Headfi-town?
    Epic fighting between HE-500 and LCD-2
    LCD-2: "You'll never have my bass!"
    HE-500: "You're just angry because you can never get any ladies without a mild treble-spike"
    LCD-2 and HE-500 running against eachother
             Coming out on cinemas in June...
    (Photo credit to Katun, who inspired this short script)
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  2. Shazb0t
  3. Zoom25
    LOL I remember this from a long time ago. Add the new HE-560 and HE-400i into the script as well.
  4. Soundsgoodtome
    Lol @ HE6

  5. headphonatic
  6. White Lotus
  7. GeneraI
    10/10 would read again.
  8. syNRG
    Amazing. I hope you're sending this to Hollywood because you could be the greatest script writer that the world has ever known.
  9. nick n
    haha for some reason I have a Yamaha HP-1 version of this saved to a text file! I can only assume someone modified your original post and shortened it up. No idea where i got it from it wasn't me...  this is classic stuff. Either one of them.
    Love the IT CROWD gif too.
  10. Claritas
    :D Thanks.
  11. BillsonChang007
    I wonder how the "epic fighting" be like? nice story! I got attracted to it xP
  12. syNRG
    They would shoot sonic burst at each other and it would look like dancing as they attempted to dodge.
  13. Claritas
    Blast of THD! Phase shift.
  14. Zoom25
    Michael Bay style: Planar Bass Attack.
  15. pp312
    You sure you didn't write this decades ago and foolishly let it get into the hands of some Hollywood mogul? If so, it appears to have been used as the blueprint for every major studio movie of the last twenty years. [​IMG]

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