A great Solid State amp?
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You might want to look into the Anedio D1 (talk to project86).
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I think Headamp is coming out with a "Gilmore 2" amp or something in a couple months. Might be worth looking into.
edit: found the link... http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/509484/gilmore-x2-coming-soon-with-optional-24-96-asynchronous-usb-dac
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I know it's an old amp, but I'm falling in love with my Lehmann BCL, have you ever considered it?
I like its smooth treble, intimate, detail vocal on LCD-2, not to mention wonderfully detailed bass and good lookin

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I haven't heard them side by side with the same headphones but they are both great amps at the top of the heap. I was thoroughly impressed by both amps.

Thanks brasewel.
I'm surprised by the lack of comments and apparent owners on this site about the HeadRoom BUDA, perhaps because of it's cost? 
I've been trying to get some hard specification numbers from HeadRoom in another thread in their sponsors forum but it appears to have plenty of power to drive even the orthodynamics (HE-6, LCD-2) and uses high-quality hardware and electronic components, reliable construction methods, etc. 
It's made in the USA and isn't a DIY product like the Beta22. 
It has a lot going for it and if HeadRoom tooted it's horn about it a bit louder they might sell more, but even getting firm specs has been a bit of a challenge.
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I paired my LA2000 and someone else's HD800(both balanced) with the BUDA and they both sounded fantastic. It's got a warm, lush soundstage that accentuated the mids and highs wonderfully. Additionally, I think it balances the signal even if you don't have a balanced dac which if I'm correct is a great feature to have. It is truly a superb amp that I would highly recommend to anyone on the fence.

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