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700$ war !! Denon Ah-d7000 or Hifiman HE-500 ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by the violet, Dec 28, 2011.
  1. the violet
    I started the level of being an audiophile by buying a Sennhieser hd598 ..
    I’m really satisfy with it but the time has come to upgrade and enter a new level of high end
    my budget is 700$ max for the headphone and 300$ max for the amp/DAC
    After reading many reviews I think the best 2 options that I have got is Denon ah-d7000
    and Hifiman HE-500 , but I’m really confused and I can’t decide because I live in a country
    were you can’t listen or find anything except Beats or Bose which is sucks !!!!
    So, which headphone should I buy ? the HE-500 with the planar magnetic ( it seems irresistible )
    Or the classy wooden Denon 7000 ?
    BTW I want something more bassy than the hd598
    I’m afraid that the HE-500 does not have more bass than hd598!
    Mostly , I listen to 35% Rock,35% pop and 30% hip hop
    The next part is which amp/DAC has a perfect synergy with my Sennheiser HD598 and also ( Denon ah-d7000 or Hifiman HE-500)???
    I’m considering 2 amps/DACs
    The first one :
    Audio gd NFB-12
    The second :
    Matrix M- stage
    So what do you think guys ?
    Of course I prefer something that has alot of power to drive high impedance headphones in the future
    Any extra suggestions will help to ..
    sorry guys for any grammar mistakes
  2. Taowolf51
    Being that the HE-500's are open, the D7000's will have more bass. Even so, it won't be as much as the bass kings like the D5000's or the Ultrasone Pro 900's. *However*, with a few days of listening, you really get to appreciate the bass. And after that, no other bass compares. It makes the bass kings sound muddy and unrefined. However, the HE-500's, being open, will do that to more of an extent. The lows will be super detailed, but with significantly less punch. Also, being open, they'll be a lot more like the 598's in signature. If you want pure bass detail, the HE-500's would be better for you. If you want a good mix of detail and punch, the D7000's will suit you well. They're the middle ground between open cans and the bass kings. I went from the Pro 750's to the D7000's, and originally I amped up the bass a lot. But over a few days of listening, I brought it back to normal levels, and now amping it up sacrifices details I hear now, which isn't worth it. Amping it now just seems to add bloat, and doesn't really add anything constructive to the bass.
    However, coming from open cans, I think you'll be going the other way. You'll think there is too much bass punch, but over time, you'll learn to appreciate the balls-out fun that bass punch gives.
    Also, I'm guessing that since you already have open cans, that ambient noise is not an issue.
    I do want to say, that I have *never* heard the HE-500's, and am most likely making sweeping generalizations about open cans.
    However, I have owned the D7000's for a week or so, and I can give you my impressions of those. However, remember that I am coming from closed cans, while you are coming from open cans. To me, the detail and cleanliness was the biggest revelation for me when getting the D7000's. For you, it will probably be bass.
    The D7000's are pretty balanced compared to what I was used to. The Pro 750's have a much stronger U curve to them, favoring bass and treble and sacrificing the mids. The D7000's somehow are able to have more detailed highs, more satisfying lows, while keeping lush and full mids. Compared to the more colored 'phones of my past, these make music sound *right*. It gives the feeling that what you are hearing is exactly how the song is supposed to sound. But it's not boring like truly balanced cans I've heard, they're totally rock-out dancing-like-a-complete-fool fun cans. They're very much colored cans, but they don't feel "altered" like colored cans usually do.
    Also, if you do decide to get them, you'll probably think they're simply an "okay" upgrade for the first day or so. After getting used to them, you'll really begin to appreciate them. Though, in my experience, that is true of all headphones.
    As far as the amp goes, when I asked, I was recommended the NFB-12 to go with the D7000's. However, I'm still saving up for it, so I don't have any personal experience with it. I'm currently using a lowly Fiio E7.
  3. cifani090
    How about a Violectric headphones amp and the AH-5000's with J$ pads?
  4. Phos
    If you're looking for powerful bass, it's my understanding that the D7000 is the winner there, but I would have expected the HE-500's ortho nature to give it better sub bass...  which appears to be borne out by headroom's measurements:  
    By the way, keep in mind that the Matrix M-stage is just an amp.  
  5. Taowolf51


    Then I would definitely go with the NFB-12 with the D7000's. They're *super* easy to drive. They're 25 ohm.
  6. Phos


    You don't need to worry about driving anything with the NFB-12, their specs suggest that they could handle HiFiman's HE-4.  
  7. Taowolf51


    Yeah, I mean that if the Matrix amp is just an amp, you'd be better off getting a dac/amp like the NFB-12. The D7000's barely need an amp, and they'd be better off with a dac. But a dac/amp will have all your bases covered.

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