1. Loquah
    I gather you're responsible for the Palaios then? It's a great little amp! Impressive OI figure too!
  2. NLNH
    Yup...[​IMG]  (never knows the mot rules so I will just post some pics[​IMG]
    (you won't get the iems when you buy the amps[​IMG])
  3. lin0003
    Can't wait to get my hands on one Charles! 
    BTW, the updated website is very nice. 
  4. NLNH
    Thanks mate!
    I will wait for your impressions then[​IMG]
  5. lin0003
    What is the last IEM? 
  6. Loquah
    What's the web address?
  7. lin0003
  8. NLNH
    perfectsound s102
    Should I bring some exotic stuff/rare iem and let you demo when I meet you? [​IMG] 
  9. lin0003
    Interesting - never heard of them before. 
  10. billymav
    Just letting you guys know, we've started taking Pre-Orders of the Palaios:
    Link: http://www.noisymotel.com/search.asp?BrandID=65

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