1. White Lotus
  2. wink
    Only if it can be moved to Sydney............
  3. Loquah
    I'm giving Billy a hand on the Noisy Motel stand. There's some good gear there, but it's pretty low key (the Headzone area - haven't checked the rest yet).
    Here are some pics from the Headzones area:
  4. White Lotus
    I only checked out the Noisy Motel and Sennheiser area, but will give the rest of it a good crack tomorrow - will you still be around, Loquah?
    I'll post my photos and impressions tomorrow night.
    It was good to finally be able to hear the HD800 and HD600 in a somewhat controlled environment, with the Sennheiser amps!
    The FA-011 LE was a big surprise, as well. 
  5. Loquah
    Hey Lotus, yes I'll be there from around 11am.

    Did you check out the Matrix X-Sabre DAC? I can't remember. I'm seriously impressed.
  6. Loquah
    The Headzones section proved to be a busy place yesterday and today. I didn't get around to a lot of gear, but loved 2 products I listened to today:
    Audiofly's stand showing the classy leather cases included with their new range of IEMs.
    The new range of Audiofly IEMs look (and sound) brilliant. There are 2 hybrids and 2 multi-BA models with stunning moulding (both in looks and shape / comfort). I was fortunate to hear the AF120 (base level hybrid in this range) and the AF160 which is a 3-way BA monitor. I LOVED the AF160 which reminds me of the SE535 LE only more balanced and therefore more versatile (based on a short listen). I can't wait to hear the 4-driver AF180 once it's released.
    I also listened to the Atomic Floyd Super Darts and was seriously wowed. They're a 2 driver dynamic / BA hybrid with great coherence and a punchy, but not bloated sound. They're made of stainless steel and look and feel awesome!! These are high on my wish list!!
  7. White Lotus
    It was the first time I had listened to them also, and I was very impressed!
    Here are some of my (shoddy) photos of the event.
    Sennheiser HDVD 800
    My girlfriend trying the HD800s out:
    A nice little wooden portable amp from the Noisy Motel stand:
    My girlfriend trying out the FA011 LE. She owns some FA011 already, and was really impressed with these!
  8. Loquah
    Nice pics, Lotus. It was great to meet you at the show.
    How was the HDVD800?
  9. White Lotus
    Likewise, buddy!
    It was an interesting unit - I didn't get much time with it unfortunately. I absolutely loved the HD600s out of it, but wasn't entirely convinced of its pairing with the HD800s - mind you, it was the first time I had been up close and personal with the HD800, so maybe I'm just not convinced of it's sound signature.. 
    I was pretty impressed with the LE edition of the FA011s as well - I went home and listened to my regular FA011s again, and the LE's really do blow it out of the water. 
    Unfortunately due to my hair, I don't have the most comfortable experience with the FA011. I'm tempted to try to throw a Beyer headband on them or something.. Maybe one day.
    Do you remember the brand or any specs about that wooden amp at the Noisy Motel area?
  10. Loquah
    Yeah, the HD800s are an acquired taste I think. I really want to like them and when they hit their sweet spot they're amazing, but they can just be so dry.
    The wooden amp is from a company called Project Paleos (or similar). They're not officially released yet as far as I know, but Billy was saying that they'll be out soon and will cost a little less than the JDS Labs C5 (so around $200). Apparently they'll also do custom engraving / carving on the wooden cases, but I don't know what the limitations and costs might be around that.
    I gave one of them a really good run and it's great value if they end up being around $200. Possibly not quite as good an amp as the C5, but I can't help but love the wooden casing and for the lower price plus the wood I think I'd be happy. One thing I did notice with them was really nice mids - lots of detail and texture which I like. Overall though they're pretty neutral sounding amps.
  11. White Lotus
    Interesting! Any idea what the output impedance is like? I wonder if it's any good for IEMs. The engraving definitely has me sold.
    Especially since my DAP of choice has a wood-style vinyl cover on it [​IMG] 
  12. Loquah
    Wow. Good question about the OI. I noticed it made the Miracles slightly cooler than my Tralucent T1 so maybe it's got OI of 2 ohm or so. Best check that though because I'm completely guessing.
  13. Loquah
    PS: T1 is a slightly warm amp to begin with so it might just be that.
  14. White Lotus
    Hmm. What about the "hiss" when nothing is playing through it? With the C421 2227 edition, the noise floor is in the basement - much like the C5, perfect for IEM use.
    I would love to try some miracles, they definitely sound "up my alley".
    Where else did you go and check out at the AV show? I only hovered around the Noisy Motel and Sennheiser area. I've always wanted to try some LCD 2 though.. But didn't get around to it. 
  15. Loquah
    I spent some time listening to the TH600s and TH900s and think I fell in love with the TH600s. I need to demo them properly, but was really impressed.
    Other than that almost all my time was spent chatting with folks on the Noisy Motel stand, explaining that I'm not an employee so don't know prices and constantly asking Billy how much stuff costs so I could tell them. It was fun, but a bit challenging when some guy tried to bargain with me and didn't get that I don't work there! [​IMG]
    As for hiss on the wooden amp, it was dead silent with the Miracles which are almost the most sensitive IEMs I've owned.
    Regarding the Miracles, you said you like the extra bass of the AX-60s so I think you'd prefer the JH13s (from what I've been told about them) because they've got a little more bass and are also apparently more accurate than the Miracles. The local UM service is appalling so I'd recommend anything but their IEMs if there are others that suit. You could order through an overseas supplier though I suppose.

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