1. lin0003
    Worst customer service ever!
    Finally answered one of my 20 emails after 2 months... Even if UM makes the best IEM I wouldn't buy it unless they up their game in the CS department. It was a complete nightmare and they sent me a tracking number after my Miracles arrived. There was also no signature and they just left it at my door where anybody could have taken them. 
  2. White Lotus
    I sent my moulds to UM in a Pelican case - they took 14 weeks to get my IEM back to me, and the Pelican case was gone.. But instead they gave me a smaller (cheaper) Westone IEM vault "Because I was so patient". Yeah.
    Anyway, I wanted to check out some of the Denon stuff - I'm a big fan of my D5000 (I know, I know. Fostex and all that.)

    And spot on regarding my thoughts on the AX60 bass - I love it. The Miracles have a dynamic driver for their bass, don't they? (Just going from memory).
  3. lin0003
    They have 2 BAs for each section. 
    For some reason, UM shipped the IEMs with a round case that wasn't there before to me first and then shipped me the box a week or so later [​IMG].
  4. Loquah
    Yeah, I've had some random stuff like that with UM including receiving some completely unrelated (i.e. different brand) CIEMs that belonged to someone else!! That was UM Aus' fault, not UM Labs in China.
    As lin said, the Miracles are a 6-driver (3-way) design. The Merlins are the model with the hybrid design.
  5. lin0003
  6. Loquah
    Yes. I could tell the whole story, but you already understand what it's like to deal with them...
  7. lin0003
    Indeed, I do...
    Never again!
  8. White Lotus
  9. NLNH
    Just fyr, the wooden amp's brand is Palaios, no model no. yet [​IMG] 
  10. billymav

    YES!! [​IMG]
  11. Loquah
    Billy, did you see Lotus' question earlier about the output impedance of the Palaios amps? 
  12. NLNH
    designer : you guys contented?  [​IMG]
    and there is the ''impedance measuring machine''[​IMG] 
  13. White Lotus
    Pretty keen to see some more of it, might even give it a test drive.
    Any idea on specs, or pricing?

    It's definitely caught my eye..
  14. billymav
    The Australian RRP will be $219 and we'll be doing a Pre-Order Promo for $199 AUD with free shipping Australia-Wide.
    Battery life: 20Hr
    THD @ 1kHz: < 0.0005%
    SNR @ 1kHz: > 86dB
    Voltage Gain: 2.5x
    Output swing: > ±4V
    Output current: 35mA
  15. White Lotus

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