1. UCLA 15
    Edit: really hoping the NC 1Rs can deliver at a decent price...
  2. BRSxIgnition
    .... M wars never meant Mid-Fi. [​IMG]
    I called this the "M Wars" because so many of the headphone names started with "M". M-100, Momentum, MDR-1R/BT/NC, etc etc. Was that what everything was about? 
    Also - UCLA, please put your post in a spoiler tag, so that it doesn't detract from the thread - thank you!
  3. miceblue
    Aw man I have to re-vote since the poll options got changed. XD

    I'm still rooting for the M-100 and Momentum. Hopefully Sennheiser can redeem themselves with the Momentum since I was actually really disappointed with their Amperior when I tried it at the Apple Store.
    So I went to a recently renovated Apple Store in the area today, and they had the Amperior on display. Of course like all of their other headphones, the cable were hooked up to something beneath the display table and connected to a designated iPod Touch. Luckily the Amperior has that odd 2-part cable and I got to listen to it with my source in-person (Sansa Clip Zip + FiiO E7, using no EQ settings and no bass boost on the E7). I must say, I am pretty disappointed with its sound overall. The mids seemed recessed or hollow especially for female vocals and higher pitched string instruments (Sennheiser veil?), the highs were very sibilant to my ears, and the lows were punchy and phat, yet didn't overpower the rest of the sound spectrum; the bass was actually similar in extension and punch to my Sennheiser HD238. Instrument separation was good, but the soundstage was lacking in depth and width (I would not recommend the Amperior for classical music listeners).

    I was genuinely surprised to hear the sibilance from the Amperior; and to think DJ's use the HD25-i-ii at loud listening levels? :/ It was quite painful for me to listen to and I'm coming from a "bass light, excessive treble" Shure SRH940. Looking at the Innerfidelity frequency response shows that the Amperior has a much louder treble peak relative to the rest of the treble region, so that might be the reason.

    I listened to a variety of music genres (acoustic, alternative rock, Chinese folk, Chinese pop, chiptune, classical crossover, classical, dubstep, electronic, pop, synthpop, symphonic metal) for a good 30 minutes (the employees at Apple didn't seem to care). I don't think I would pay over $200 for them, which puts them on par with the HD25-i-ii's pricing. The isolation and comfort were really good for a supra-aural headphone and that was probably my favourite thing of the Amperior.

    ^My face when I first heard the Amperior with Chinese folk music

    These are just "brief" impressions, so don't take them too seriously. They aren't bad headphones by any mean, it's just that the sibilance was really irritating and the punchy bass probably spoiled the midrange in the noisy environment I was in.
    New drivers for the win! :)

    And, well, a lot of people already know about the M-100 and how it will be an improvement over the highly regarded M-80 headphone, not to mention its true portability factor. I would never carry around the D400 or D600 with me to school due to its large size.

    Regarding the whole mid-fi/hi-fi thing...my take is that mid-fi usually means, well, middle fidelity. Most headphones in the $300-$500 USD range have the middle fidelity sound from my honest experience. Many "average consumers" would look at you weird if you spend over $300 on a headphone, which is what I think helps define the "mid-fi" category, going beyond the "norm". Most headphones in this range are a definite step up from headphones under $300, but lack the transparency and detail offered by headphones at a higher price (higher-end headphones). Of course like most everything in the world, there are always exceptions in both directions (some sound worse than mid-fi, others sound better).

    As I found out today, though the Amperior is priced $350, I found it had too much of a U (or V?) shaped sound signature to be mid-fi to me (HD25-i-ii would definitely be an entry audiophile/"average consumer" recommendation). On the other hand, the Shure SRH940 is known for its very excellent detail retrieval that rivals other higher-end headphones, which is surprising especially considering the fact that it's $250 and is a closed can. It's definitely not a perfect headphone (many call it bass light and the treble too edgy), but for $250 it's a pretty incredible headphone for that purpose. Not very many people at all would recommend the SRH940 to an entry audiophile/"average consumer" I think.
  4. BRSxIgnition
    I should clarify that the last selection: "Pro Series" is the YAMAHA series of new over ear headphones. Find more information here.
  5. Bocefuss4500
    I am looking forward to trying either one or more of the new Sony line of headphones or Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro ... will have to wait and see ...
  6. BRSxIgnition
    Okay - just sent out the last notice posts for each of the headphones. I will only re-send once they have all been released. Apologies if anyone was bothered by the posts.
    Anyway - What are you stances on PSB charging $100 more for Black and White colors of the PSB M4U1's?
  7. epithetless
    What? A $100 -- or 33% -- price increase for a basic color change? To me, that sounds like something ejected from the hindquarters of adult male cattle. [​IMG]
  8. miceblue

    What? That's blasphemy!
    *cough Beats Detox, cough*
  9. BRSxIgnition
    Hmm - I remember seeing it reported in a news blog, linked on head-fi, but I can't find the link anymore..
    Maybe they fixed it? I think it was originally this link: http://www.avguide.com/article/psb-expands-exciting-headphone-offerings from:
    Seems that they were asked to fix it.
  10. UCLA 15
    I'm offering another source to corroborate the info on the PSBs: http://www.avguide.com/article/psb-expands-exciting-headphone-offerings
    I know with just one source the info was not entirely trustworthy, but it looks like it is in fact true. PSB is charging $400 for black or white M4U1s. $300, which should be the price for all colors of M4U1, is only for bright red which practically no one other than Beats people wants, and gray, which is OK but not nearly as popular as white and black.
    The entire purpose of the M4U1s was that not everybody needs NC. A lot of people liked the M4U2s but didn't care for NC and would rather have them without the NC for a cheaper price. That was supposed to be the entire purpose of the M4U1s. Don't want to pay for NC because you don't care for it? Then we'll make a cheaper model that is basically an M4U2 without NC. Except deranged PSB decided to charge just as much as for the M4U2s. 
    An analogy of this business model (fictional, of course):
    Apple: "Here's our new 7" iPad Mini tablet, which comes with.......and 4G connectivity so you can get data anywhere, for $500."
    Customers (over the course of several weeks after release): "Hey, I like the new iPad Mini and want one, but I don't need 4G and would like one that is Wifi-only".
    Apple (a few months later): "We're adding another model to our 7" iPad Mini range, which is identical to our first model, but is Wifi-only, for $500."
    I'm not interested in buying from a company with a deranged business model. Bye bye. I was never much a fan of all that glossy plastic anyways.
    Edit: BRS coincidentally posted the same link at the same time, lol. Anyways, that was a different link than the first one I posted. Here's that one: http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/PSB-Unveils-New-M4U-1-Headphones-and-PS1-Powered-Speakers.shtml
    "PSB plans to ship the Alpha PS1 system in October. It will be available in glossy black, with an MSRP of $300. The M4U 1 will follow a month later, in November. The M4U 1 will be available in Baltic Gray or a Monza Red for $300, with Black Diamond and Arctic White finishes costing $400."
  11. grokit
    There's 10 votes for the Amperior, who has actually heard them or is this wishful thinking [​IMG]
  12. Craigster75

    I owned them for two weeks and they are not even a top 5 contender for me from this list.
  13. Craigster75

    One of the worst pricing decisions ever.  As competitive as their market is for these, they will be at the top end of pricing for headphones on this list.  Also, the same price as a different color model that adds an amp and noise cancelling as switchable options?  It is an insult to the consumer who should respond by purchasing something else.  The M4U2/1  is good, but not that good.
  14. miow
    Subscribed but please iluminate us with your thoughts/reviews on these headphones rather than mid-fi/hi-fi pointless discussions and name calling  :)
  15. Craigster75
    Did anyone else notice that the case for Momentum looks like a toilet seat?  I hope it is not an indication of what is inside :)
    Of course, the look of the headphones make up for the case.
    I already preordered the M-100, but Momentum is next in line along with the Yamaha Pro 500 regarding headphones I am most curious to try and hope they offer a total package that is an improvement over the M4U2 and D600 which are very good in many respects, but fell slightly short for me in one or two areas.

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