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2016 CanJam RMAF Impressions - Denver

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  1. Barra
    It was worth it, huge improvement in both bass/texture and sound stage. The ether had more to give than I thought. Now I wonder how much further we can push it with even better setups?
  2. RC99

    Enjoyed that, Prof Falkin!
  3. perdigao
    Does anyone knows who won what on the  SHaG prizes for CanJam@RMAF 2016? Has this been posted anywhere? 
  4. Allanmarcus

    wait a few weeks. will be posted here (probably). 
  5. Talai

    Yeah, last year it also took a while before they were chosen... best to just wait for the announcement to be posted :)
  6. miceblue
    Hmmm, say, did anyone pick up a Stereophile magazine? I didn't see them anywhere.

    I grabbed the Innovation and Tech Today magazine with Dr. Michio Kaku on the front. I'm not really sure how that magazine issue tied in with RMAF, but it had a few stories that are tied in with my area of study. XD
  7. Watagump
    Companies still print magazines? [​IMG]
  8. Demo3
    I saw them... did not pick one up sense I already subscribe.  They were on the first floor.  One of the best bathroom magazines you can have.
  9. LionelH2

    Sorry to hear this Chord issue with DSD dropouts is still unresolved. You refer to OSX issues, has anyone resolved it for Win10?
  10. phase0
    This guy took a video walking around the big top...
  11. EternalCoconut
    Could you compare the E-MU Teak and the ZMF Eikon sound in general terms (or as specific as you'd like)? I get that one's twice as expensive (if we assume the new 2.5mm detachable wires E-MU in November is $499, and Eikon preorders at $999), but I'm interested in figuring out wether the difference is worth it. Something I'm "worried" about is the treble seemingly inherent to the Foster-type driver, the E-MU being as mellow as you can get it, still might be too bright/harsh for me - which is why I got excited for a ZMF original bio-cellulose driver that from intitial descriptions and assumptions based on the ZMF sound, might fit better.
    So I guess what I'm asking: Are the highs of the Eikon smoother than that of the E-MU, and just how much better is the detail retrieval/lack of distortion overall? Bonus: Did you hear any major differences between Cherry and Padauk wood, or was the environment too busy for that kind of listening?
    SHORT: E-MU Teak vs ZMF Eikon, somewhat keeping in mind the 1:2 price ratio.
  12. ProfFalkin

    My Teak will rarely make me cringe from a harsh treble, but it's there. I didn't once hear this from the Eikon.


    Read that. Grizz has a ton more listening time on them than I do, in better environ.

    I'd say that as a fan of the Teaks, and from my experience with both of the new ZMF headphones, that the Atticus and Eikon are better for my musical preferences than the HD800/S, HE1000, LCD 2, Utopia, Elear, Teak, etc. Considering the price of the aforementioned, i think the Eikon is a steal at the preorder price.

    As for a comparison, I could write volumes and still fail to describe it accurately. I'm not practiced at it, and don't aim to be. Generally, the Teak are brighter and have less body to their sound. They also suffer from not good ear pads. They are less heavy and easier to drive though.

    The E&A are wonderfully balanced and comfortable, have the best leather ear pads I've ever worn, and the sound of each are two slightly different takes on perfect. (for me, anyway.)

    If I hit the lottery, I'm buying them all and I won't be sharing. Sorry.
    EternalCoconut likes this.
  13. Joeybgood

    Ok.... Woo Audio WA22 SE.... Did they not have it there for auditioning or.........?? I have not heard a peep out of anyone who attended  RMAF in regards to it. Anyone???? tks
  14. pervysage

    I asked the same thing in the Woo Amp thread and got a couple responses:

  15. Phoebus7

    Do you mind sharing which amp didn't go Well with Ether and which one sounded great. Thanks
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