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2016 CanJam RMAF Impressions - Denver

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  1. luvmusik
    The Mr Speakers electrostatic model headphone is the one estat hoping to buy of the 3 stats at the show !
  2. Netforce
    Had a great time at RMAF this year! Only recently just got back to LA and been recovering from the show.
    Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Questyle booth! We shared out spot with Meze this year in the tent and had a spot in the Kimber suite inside the hotel.
    We attended the RMAF press awards and went home with the best mobile player award!
    Was amazing to see such dear friends again at this CanJam! Probably the biggest shoutouts I would like to give to @jude and @joe and Team CanJam who really worked their butts off to make sure the show was a great success! We finished setting up in the Kimber room at around 11:30pm day 0 and went into the tent to see Jude and Warren still hard at work in the tent and were without a doubt the only ones still left. Major respect and props to them!
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  3. knopi
    Agree with it. Ok manufactures have much more models so we do not have to buy top models but prices for top models I think producers probably got crazy :D
    My opinion is that IEM/CIEM technology have big potencial but also have limits.
    When I am listening quality IEM I had borrow some expensive during year at my home because have interest and it is like a little beauty illusion sound and when I am listening speaker it has real colour of tones vocal and dynamic like engine with physical feel, if sombody thinks that some IEM sound neutral than he should try some quality speaker and will see what neutral quality sound is.
    And prices for top models IEM still grow, now prices so close to quality speaker. So in my opinon sound is not worth for what they ask..
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  4. shotgunshane Contributor

    Of the Fender line up, I agree, the FXA2 best matches what your looking for. The FXA2 has good overdrive like feeling to rock guitars.
  5. logip
    I read the whole thread and I am wondering about one thing. Did anybody see if E-MU woodies are now available with detachable cables? And if so, what connectors?
  6. Zachik
    I apologize - my post was not very clear about it.  Correct - the $2K comment had to do with the Empire Zeus.
    Nik - did you end up listening to the Ether Flow?  We have discussed them at the RHA table before you had a chance to audition them, and I told you that they are a must listen!
    Curious about your opinion of them...
  7. Venture Guy
    any indication as to price and availability?
  8. Muinarc

    ​My understanding was that they were getting pretty close to volume production and were aiming to hit a price under $3k(?).
  9. wuwhere Contributor
    That's more than a Stax SR-007. Does it beat an 007?
  10. AxelCloris Administrator
    To my ears yes it does, and the SR-007 is my personal favorite of the Stax lineup.
  11. purk Contributor
    On what amp that you heard the 007 with?  Thanks.  The performance of that headphones can be night and day difference between good and bad amps.
  12. AxelCloris Administrator
    BHSE, a custom KGGSHV and Jude's custom Frank Cooter amp.
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  13. mscott58
    So all slacker amps. [​IMG]
  14. brewweasel
    Did anyone else besides me try the "Tia" Prototypes from 64ears?  I thought they were really impressive. Not sure they are going to be worth the price I was quoted ($3500ish), but I did feel they were super detailed, and precise, and crisp all around.  I wish I had my A12s with me though so I could compare them side by side.  Would love to know some others thoughts on them.  Sorry I don't have a ton more details, this was my first time to RMAF, and I was simply more interested in trying different things and getting the experience of the whole thing vs doing critical listening and truly trying to compare products.  
  15. Talai
    I did spend some time with the Tias, but I feel like they're not worth $3,500. To me the Tias seemed like a "proof of concept" that 64 could actually make an earphone with resonating chambers to help produce the sound... not them actually focusing on making them sound good enough to be worth that price. Yes, they sound very good, but not $3,500 good. Compare 3.5k to your other options - you've got the Noble K10 and even the brand new Empire Ears Zeus for significantly less. Is the Tia better than those? In my opinion, no.
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