2008: How many you buy(mp3 players)......
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Dec 24, 2006
Hi, this year is so far the most expensive year for me because i already buy many mp3 players, IEMs and still planning to buy more for the summer. I hope it's happen to many of us
and iam not alone. Actually i buy five mp3 players and three IEMs this year .
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I actually bought two DAP's this year, see below. But, I also sold two (my Sansa E280 and a Shuffle), so it "kinda" evened out. I won't be buying anything else for awhile, unfortunately...
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+ cowon d2
+ sony a816
+ sony a829
+ ipod 3g 8gb
+ ipod 3g 8gb (long story)

- ipod 3g 8gb
- sony a829
- sony a816

net = cowon d2
+ ipod 3g 8gb (
with super mini IV)

+ grado sr60
+ yuin pk2
+ se530
+ gummy for brother
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What is a mp3 player? Never owned one.
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Not yet but I am waiting on the new classic. Hoping for a larger hard drive. If Cowon would make something larger than 60 I would grab it but 60 is horribly outdated these days and on a flagship model? Thus I wait...
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No players so far this year (actually none last year either).
But one in 2006 (30GB iPod) and one in 2005 (4GB iPod nano)...
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This year

+ Shuffle (it's in the mail)
- 2ndg 8G Nano

Last year
+ 3rdg 8G Nano
+ 16G Touch
+ UE 11
+RSA Red Tomahawk

To finish my portable rig, I am waiting for Punnisher to make me a deal and make me a LOD. Then I can post family photos and portable rig.

Items purchased previous years
+ Xin Supermini
+ Portaphile V2
+ UE 10
- 30G 5.5Gen iPod
+ 2x 1st Gen 4G Nano
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Zune 80 and the broken YH-J70.

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