2008: How many you buy(mp3 players)......
May 30, 2008 at 6:56 PM Post #16 of 18
No new IEMs (yay), but I just got a new NH600D for everyday use to mothball my aging recorders, and finally took the plunge on an A829 to face the inevitable - after thrashing about I've decided on AAC256, using Walkman Media Manager for ripping/transfer and dbpoweramp for tagging (for those that might be curious - it's not like you can just put a CD in the drive, rip the WAVs to PC, and then convert/transfer via SS). Non-gapless is proving more annoying than I thought, but SQ in the 829 via Etys or my UM2s is very good - so after my Atrac stuff dies, I guess I'll live... Cheers.

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