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$1500 (CDN) worth of Giveaways

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SOULSIK, Jun 28, 2017.

    Marina Lin and soulsikreviews have teamed up to bring you $1500 worth of giveaways.

    Why? Well, number of reasons:

    1. We are doing this to allow her fans to listen to her music in high resolution
    2. For audiophile out there, we are enthusiastic about music, not the gear itself. Gears are stuff we use to listen to the music we love. Always remember that. I think it is about time the audiophile industry really connected with the musicians they love. For me that was Marina Lin. Specifically her music “you’ve got something” inspired me 4 years ago.
    3. For a lot of us, whether it be Marina’s fan or just an audiophile, if we ask the question “why music?” The answer comes back to us with “because people may not be always there for you but music was always there for me.” I think it is time we show our appreciation for the music as a whole and really connect with the producers and hard core listeners

    1st place: shanling m1 + Meze 99neo
    2nd ~ 5th place: shanling m1 + ve monk plus
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  2. Pewterlocks
    Sign me
    SOULSIK likes this.
  3. koover
    I'm in. Nice voice and like your music from what I heard. Love to hear more on the equipment listed.
    Thanx for the opportunity!!
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  4. Alex3221
    I hope you get x100 times subscribers for each dollar you spent. Nice content SOULSIK. Currently listening to Marina through my N3 + Masters combo. :ksc75smile:
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  5. Silent Xaxal
    Signed up.

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