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10th Calgary Head-Fi meeting June 29th 2014 Sunday at University of Calgary

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  1. nailbunny7
    I'll still be coming :)
  2. furyagain
    the room is comfirmed room 274
  3. furyagain
    We are still good to go,
    the room is confirmed  room 274
  4. mikoss
    Nice, I will be there.
  5. Mikey99
    I will be out of town, otherwise I would have been there. Maybe next time!
  6. Bansaku
    Ah man no love for Edmonton. [​IMG]
  7. nailbunny7
    Come to Calgary :wink:
  8. Bansaku
    I wish I could. Even if there was a magical bullet train built between our two great cities (get it done already!) I have to work. Too bad, I'd love to contribute to the gear list. 
  9. furyagain
    OK it is less then a week now,
    I will start sending PM to people to get confirmation in the next two days.
  10. AgentXXL
    Alas my recovery from my recent surgery is going a lot slower than I hoped, so it looks like I'm not going to be able to attend this Sunday.

    Still no word on my Hifiman 560 order but I should have them for the next meet. Enjoy the get-together on Sunday and I'll catch you all next time around.

  11. slambanna
    Sorry to hear about the rehab and the 560.
    Did you pre-order directly from Hifiman/ Head-Direct?  If so I would have thought it would be shipped by now.  That seems to be the case with all the HFM pre-orders over on the 560 thread.
    I ordered the the 560's from Head-Direct just yesterday (within the first few hours that they've been made available to order).
    Emailing with their customer service leads me to believe they will be shipping within the next 24 hours.
    If I had the 560's in time, I would likely have made the drive down from Red Deer for the meet.  Maybe next time guys.
  12. Jazzkammer
    Super excited for this Sunday!  It will be my first meetup!
  13. SlimShadyMJ
    Still coming. Can't freaking wait. 
  14. furyagain
    I believe james from Absolute audio is coming too!
  15. mikoss
    Yeah my first meet as well... looking forward to it.
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