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10th Calgary Head-Fi meeting June 29th 2014 Sunday at University of Calgary

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  1. mikoss
    Pictures look great! Nice meeting you all today; I had a great time enjoying the music. Big thanks to furyagain for organizing the meet. Now just have to save up from some Stax :D
  2. AgentXXL
    Looks like it was another great meet! Would have loved to hear the Stax SR 009s again. Too bad I was unable to attend but I'm certain that I'll be recovered enough from my neck surgery for the next one. I'm back to see the physiotherapist tomorrow.
    I got word that my HE-560s are on their way next week, but I chose basic ground shipping so I don't expect to see them until mid-July. Based on the initial reviews in the HE-560 thread here on Head-Fi, it appears most are enjoying the new signature. I'm a little unsure about what to expect as I really liked the bass response from the HE-500s, but most HE-560 impressions state that the quantity of bass is less than that of the HE-500. Lots of impact and clarity, but not as much volume. That can be rectified with the choice of amp/DAC and possibly even an equalizer, so I'm sure I'll still be very happy with the HE-560s.
    I sold my Fiio E17 and the E9 to a friend but I still have the Pico DAC/amp up for sale. Hope to hear word on the next meet soon!
  3. SlimShadyMJ
    Had a lot of fun. Next time, I'll try to show up earlier haha. Thanks again to furyagain for setting this up and for the hifiman mp3 player haha. I said I would give impressions, but unfortunately ran into a couple of problems. My laptop hard drive has been dead for a week (totally forgot about it lol) so I've only been able to test the tracks already on the device. Another thing, it doesn't seem to like iPhone remote cables. I've only been able to try them with my klipsch s3 and those aren't exactly the best to test with. Sorry fury. 
    On another note, thank you to the guy with the DT 880. Loved those. And to the dude (don't remember names, sorry) who stayed a little later than 4 to let me hear the hd650 (or 600, can't remember, but I really liked those. Not sibilant, but still sparkly)
    Look forward to the next one. [​IMG]
  4. AgentXXL
    Just a small update to my fellow Calgarian Head-Fier's - I received my Hifiman HE-560 headphones a week ago and have been listening to them on average of 10 hrs a day since with the exception of 1 day where I spent the entire day with my HD800s, just so I could make sure I was hearing what I thought. My impression so far:
    So far I'm willing to say that I think they're the best planar magnetic open back headphones under $1000 that I've heard. I haven't tried the new Oppo or the closed back Audeze LCD-XC, but given the musicality and enjoyment I'm getting from the HE-560s, it's unlikely that I'll even investigate them. They are incredibly comfortable compared to the earlier HE-500 and other planars from Hifiman and Audeze, almost as comfortable as my Sennheiser HD800s. And surprisingly, the 560 sounds very close to the HD800. Not quite as wide of a soundstage, but they are very impressive.
    I'm not sure when the next local meet is being planned for, but in the meantime, anyone local that wants to give the HE-560 a listen can contact me and we'll see if we can arrange a mini-meet. I'm currently still off work on short term disability and recovering from my surgery, but I am now able to drive. I just can't spend more than 1-2 hrs at a time without using some heat or ice, so I'd prefer to do any listening sessions at my place. Of course if you would like to try the HE-560 using your own source/DAC/amp, I'm OK with you bringing them.
    I have modified the stock cable that came with the HE-560 so that it now uses my modular adapters allowing me to connect to either balanced or single-ended outputs. I have adapters for dual 3 pin male XLR balanced, single 4 pin male XLR balanced, RSA/ALO/Cypher Labs Kobiconn balanced and 3.5mm/6.3mm stereo phono plug single ended. Contact me by PM if you're interested in a listening session prior to the next meet.
  5. furyagain
    Then. If HE560 sound so close to the he800 , the n does it worth it to have both in the same time?
  6. AgentXXL
    Close, but not identical. I still prefer the HD800 for my instrumental, classical, jazz and acoustic vocalists. The SE-560 are more musical and fun for rock, pop, electronica, etc, but also do a good job with the other genres I mentioned. If I could only afford to keep one of the headphones, I probably would sell the HD800. But that's not the case.... I planned for this purchase and knew that eventually I'd be adding a planar to my collection. Just like it's in my plans to add a Stax SR-007 when the time is right.
  7. nailbunny7
    The wife would never let me have more than one full size headphone lol (and one IEM for travel). She just doesn't understand [​IMG]
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