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10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job...

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  1. appophylite

    And that's why I take advantage of the fact that I have a job in today's modern society that pays money for me to buy what I need, so that I have time to learn what I "don't need" in a manner of speaking. I don't need to know how to shoot a Bow-and-Arrow or make my own because modern society doesn't require me to have that particular skill. But I learned how to do both because I have the time to learn and I'm pretty damn competent when it comes to shooting a compound bow or having to build a quick and simple bow and arrow set. Even though I'm terrible at gardening, I have the time to learn and improve, and this year, I tried a new setup using clear plastic totes as potters and I'm getting phenomenal results! I have friends who do metal work and woodwork and always offer to teach me more of their tips/tricks so I can improve. That is what I love about today's modern society - because I do not HAVE to focus on myself and my abilities for food/shelter/clothing, etc beyond going to work and bringing home a paycheck large enough to pay for these things, I have more time to focus on those things that would be beneficial to my wellbeing were I to find myself in a post-apocalyptic future.
  2. logwed


    Precisely. Living in a technologically and socially advanced society allows us to turn what once was a necessary and life-providing activity into an intellectual pursuit that allows people to become more well-rounded.
    Dynobot, I think that self-sufficiency is an obsolete concept in today's world. A country cannot compete through isolationism (the most extreme form of self-sufficiency). In fact, no one knows this better than the Japanese, who found themselves 200 years behind the rest of the world at the beginning of the 20th century as a result of their extreme isolationism. To answer, Japan became an aggressive trading and manufacturing center, that is why they are wealthy today. They have virtually no natural resources to speak of, but through ingenuity and fierce reliance on outside markets for raw materials and demand for manufactured goods, they are now a wealthy nation. There is no country less geared towards self reliance than Japan, a self-reliant country would be something more like a central African nation that does not trade. Look at the US, a nation with incredible natural resources, a large population, vast fertile areas. The US is certainly capable of being self-sufficient, however long ago we realized that trade would be beneficial to increasing our quality of life. 
    To put it on a personal level, sure, maybe if you had the skills required you could become totally self reliant on 40 acres of land. It is conceivable that someone could make basic tools, plant and harvest crops/maintain livestock, make permanent shelter, all the necessities. However, would that person live better than someone who works 40 hours a week in an office and buys what they need/want? Absolutely not. Also, the self-sufficient man is not able handle a crisis as the modern man/society is able to do.
    To put it shortly, preparing for sustainability and self-sufficiency is not how humanity got to where it is today, it is not how we got to how we were 2000 years ago. If sustainability were a motivating factor in animal life, there would be nothing but photosynthetic amoebas floating in the seas. Animal life, and being that humans are just animals with tools the same laws apply to us, is built to test the limits of where it can survive, to how many times it can reproduce. If the goal of humanity was to be self-sufficient, there would be 8 humans hunting and gathering, surviving. There would be no reason to advance technologically AT ALL. 
  3. Dynobot
    logwed, I have no intentions on getting into the typical message board battle-of-who-is-right with you....you are free to post anything you want and call it fact.
    Obviously with your one visit to Japan and brief Internet readings you feel as if you are an authority...I tip my hat to you Sir.
    Have at it...[​IMG]
  4. robm321
    Jobs are necessary. Accept it. Just ride the wave. Don't try and control the ocean. 
  5. logwed


    Thank you for excusing yourself as you ran out of fact/reasoning and just started on personal attacks. Happy trails :D
  6. loremipsum
    If nobody had jobs making headphones, where would Head-fi be?
    Just a thought.
  7. Dynobot
    No personal attack intended, you said yourself you had only been to Japan one time.  Other than the one visit the only other source of info would be through reading would it not?
    Your posts read as if you are an authority on the subject matter, so I merely conceded to your 'seeming authority' and chose to not let myself get goated into a back-and-forth exchange of "facts" to see who is right.  I am sure you have seen this on message boards time and time again....if not even participated in the exchange.
    Please do not consider it a personal attack, I only re-stated one fact you told me 'about the visit', however I did assume your other source of facts were from reading...I could have been wrong as you might have other sources.  I would like to know, do you have other sources for your facts besides reading on the Internet?  Where does your information come from?  Also if you have time I would like to know other sources for your readings on Malthus, I asked you that earlier but you did not reply.

  8. logwed


    Yeah, just saw that post yesterday, my bad. Malthus I got exposed to a couple years ago in a biology class in HS, then later in what was basically a philosophy class. We just read a couple excerpts, I thought it was pretty interesting so I poked around on the Internet and such. Japanese history was a major focus of history classes for manyyy years of school, probably because it provides an exaggerated parallel to America's similar history of isolationism into expansionism at the turn of the century. My views on the future of spaceflight and really the impact of technology on human existence is a major point of personal interest to me, so that is a collection of my own thoughts on the subject on which I've read many many books and articles on. Sorry that I overreacted, also, long day at work :)
  9. Dynobot


    Okay thanks for the information.
    So you have been out of High School for a couple of years now.  You seem to be interested in a lot of different things which is good.  May I advise you that not all that you read is entirely true.  Japanese history has been a favorite subject of mine too, say since about when you were in the 4th grade.  It was a couple of years after that when I married my wife who is Japanese.  During my nearly 20 visits to Japan and because of my marriage I have made an awful lot of Japanese friends as do I have a lot of Japanese family as you can imagine.  I will just end to say that many people who are indeed Japanese might not agree with many of the things that are printed in American history books.  Not that America is Japans enemy [any more] but I would not believe all the literature printed about Muslims if a Christian printed it.  Other than that, keep up your interests and try to keep an open mind.
  10. Darkestred
    What the **** is OPs post coming from?  Him or a book?  I'm sorry but for 90% of the population - you know the one's who don't have an engineering mindset or a brilliant idea or the skills to be an entrepreneur or program an app or play a professional sport or have amazing variance with gambling or have the fanbase/knowledge to write about things or the patience or... will find themselves doing exactly what your post advises against.  Getting a job to sustain a living and bringing in income.
    Because it works for you, doesn't mean it works 100% of the time and for everyone else, too.
  11. Prog Rock Man


    Generating income by other means is either - a job in another name, stealing it or living off benefits.
    What you are describing is the joy of self employment where you generate enough income such you do not feel pressured to work every hour of the day.
  12. grokit
    There's plenty of room for controversy and revisionism even when the history books are the accepted, mainstream record of the country about which they are written. Official consensus and actual truth are often proven to be two different things over time.
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