1,000 bottle caps
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Jul 7, 2007
So i have been collecting and saving beer bottle caps for the past 2 years and my collection has outgrown the container i was keeping them in, and now im starting to wonder what i am going to do with all of these. I have almost 1000, 945 to be exact (yes i keep track of them in an excel spread sheet) and i was wondering if my fellow headfiers had any creative suggestions to what i should do with them. I am leaning towards some kind of art project mosaic or something. I have enough to cover about a 3ft x 3ft square. here is a pic to give you a general idea for how big the collection is:


i look forward to your ideas
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3x3 piece of cardboard or plywood... make a mosaic using the different colors.
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I would separate them by color and then mount them that way. Kind of like a beer cap rainbow?

unfortunately rainbows probably don't go over big with my college buddies
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coffee table.

take some plywood and cover the bottle caps on it (design it whatever you feel like) and use beer bottles as the legs.
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I'd just make a bottle cap mosaic ..you could make the big cap say whatever you want
.. like ...

"i'm cool"
"had too much time"
"i love caps"(then start collecting capacitors :p)

or something funny or with sense..

show a pic when you're done =)

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