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☯️ Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon... a $599 Cavalli amp???

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Mar 20, 2015.
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  1. grizzlybeast
    oh my gosh this small amp has 4 freakin threads..
    I gleaned quite a bit from the other impression thread but have no idea which on to subscribe to.  For those of you who have a pulse infinity, how much of a step up is this from the balanced headphone out of the infinity? I only ask because one individual felt the amp on the infinity was better. I am very doubtful of that comment for two reasons.. the headphone out of the infinity balanced sounds thin, slightly bright, and definitely not my cup of tea. From what I understand the pulse infinity dac is actually not bright so I am hoping to have better results from this as a stand alone amp with the infinity. 
    I just left the thx00 drop and think I made the right choice by purchasing this amp instead, I can always pick up a used txh00. If this doesn't work for me then I will save up for an eddie current black widow.
  2. Hansotek
    I went for both, but given the choice between the two, I'm quite certain you made the right decision. :)
  3. CanDude
  4. d1sturb3d

    Got 89/90 serials :), I used the usual JAC to get it in here.
  5. nanoevil

    Oh i missed that nice...left mine running so it should hit 200 hrs burn in before i go back to the PH.

    I got serial 102
  6. doctorjazz
    Back to burn in, now the no headphones connected version, as in the manual, be done in about 2020...
  7. d1sturb3d
    Oh well burned in for at least 2 hours and can't wait to listen to it so I did myself a favor and plugged in my headhphones while working..it's holiday here so no people in the office however the damn air cooler is so loud...can't listen to my headphones critically..so just rocking it now..
  8. dBel84
    With the balanced connections plugged in and driving headphones, the amp is very active. If you plug in a TRS jack .....
    1. You create a dead short from one of the output rails to ground  = instant overload 
     - several amps have been destroyed in this way, the most spectacular was probably the B22 at a meet which was hot swapped while trying to compare various headphones, it literally went up in smoke. 
     - please treat these devices with respect, any headphone amp should be turned to minimum volume prior to plugging / unplugging a TRS jack
    2. Never drive balanced and SE at the same time - unless there are separate amplification sections for each. If you are trying to use the same output to drive balanced and SE, you are pulling half the load off one of the output rails and thus significantly unbalancing the output and placing undue strain on the amplifier itself. 
    a bit like taking your car round a race track while you have deflated the tires on the one side. 
  9. zachawry

    FYI, I had no idea about any of this stuff. Is it included in the manual? 
    Some of us are just newbies in the head-fi world, and have pretty much zero understanding of what's going on at an electrical level. 
  10. adobotj

    That's what I also did. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my address confirmation email as I ordered pretty late in the line (july) and hoping to get it by December. I guess we'll soon be 3 LC buddies. :) have my balanced cans waiting for it!
  11. Cardiiiii
     I ordered in July as well, whats your order #?
  12. conquerator2
    Woop. I am in [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Wildcatsare1 likes this.
  13. adobotj

    Order number 956
  14. swspiers
    Hang in there.  I've blown up my fair share of equipment over the years.  One time it was a 1500 watt bass amp.  THAT was LOUD!!!
  15. Cardiiiii
    And I'm 959. Should get an email by the end of the week I would think.
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