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£55 budget what would you suggest

  1. rholo
    hi guys as it says above i have a 55 pounds budget for a new set of iem to use with my iphone,at the moment i am strongly leaning towards a set of super 5 fi vi(the mic version) as im not really a bass junky and would like a set that gives my very good clarity not just bass,would most agree these are a supeb set of iem for the money and would take alot of beating as othes have suggested as i have not parted with my hard earned cash yet, and would like thoughts on the matter or other suggestions if you think they can be beat,i must strongly add again i eally dont want to be bassed out.thanks fo any help in advance
  2. Bennyboy71
    The Etymotic MC5 (or HF2/HF5 if you can stretch that budget) would be ideal for you I think.
    I personally sold my SM3s recently and now use the HF5 and love it to bits for its superb clarity and balance at a price that defies its abilities. But judging by reviews, the MC5 is almost as good, if not the same or better (depending which comments you read).
    I think you could do a lot worse than investigating these Ety models.   They offer truly spectacular value for money.
  3. mark2410 Contributor
    yeah sf5vi, im sure the etys are great too but not heard sa cant say

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