Good Morning Headfi Gang-Gang, Testing the waters to see if anyone has a SONY WM1A or ASTELL KERN SE100 for sale that's under $700. Impossible you say?!? I've come up with good deals from great Headfi Gang members in the past on deals I had no business getting. And I've done the same for others...

    [FT]Gathering info for possible Trade/Trade+Cash: Cowon Plenue 2 mk1 for Sony WM1A, AK Kann,AK SE100,Fiio M11 pro

    Hello Headfi Gang, Putting the feelers out for possible trade or trade with cash in the next few weeks : I have an excellent condition Cowon Plenue 2 mk1 (the ones with the cool twin dial set up and a bajillion EQ settings) w/Dingis Case that I want to trade for a Sony WM1A, AK Kann, AK SE100...
  3. ElecHires

    [Sold] ⭐️case musashino label WM1A/Z⭐️

    Hello i wan to sale my case musashino label for sony wm1a or 1z here some pictures:
  4. neogeosnk

    SOLD:Sony WM1A

    **SOLD** Up for sale the Sony Wm1a - with leather case, without volume lock. Always in case and has tempered glass installed so no scratches on screen. Body looks good, just slight wear and tear on the case from being in the wife's purse. The body of the dap is near mint, the specs on the pic...
  5. Carlsan

    Sony WM1A NW-WM1A walkman music player SOLD

    Selling a gently used Sony NWA1A player. No defects, plays fine, battery is fine. Comes in the original Sony packaging, and includes: 1. Benks Flexible soft TPU protective case cover for the NW-WM1A 2. 1 unused Tempered glass protective film for the screen (1 attached, 1 unused). 3.128 GB card...
  6. Vitaly2017

    Sold SOld IER-Z1R very good condition Sold Sold

    Hi I am selling my Ier-z1r they are in very good condition has no damages, comes with all accessories and original packaging. Reason for sale cant get my comfort right and also a little to bright to my taste. I can ship worldwide buyer covers customs fees, I include paypal and shipping in the...
  7. RollsRoys

    SOLD Sony NW-WM1A with VanNuys

    Sony NW-WM1A in great condition for sale! Volume uncapped. All stock accessories and retail box packaging included. I also add a dust protector for mini-jack and a soft pouch-case as bonus. The screen is covered with the protective glass since the start.
  8. ElecHires


    Hello guys, i want to sale my dignis case was both on dignis web site the 2019-09-01 this model in black http://shop2.dignis.cafe24.com/product/midas-sony-nw-wm1-boxwax-case/232/?cate_no=84&display_group=1 there is no damage on it. if you have any question please ask. the price include only PP fees
  9. ElecHires

    [cancel] WM1Z

    Hello guys, i want to sale my WM1Z i'm the first owner the player is still on warranty for 2 years have only 21.5 hour of used 04/09/2019 the player is uncapped Trad possible only for SP1000 black or CU in good condition
  10. HiP1

    SOLD Sony WM1A

    Hello, superb sound, but doesn't fit in my daily life, so it only has 18 hours of use. better to find it a new family that can better appreciate it :) original box and accessories. tempered glass screen protector and clear TPU case included. both installed immediately.
  11. RollsRoys

    not FS: Sony NW-WM1A

  12. silvahr

    Sold: Moon Audio Silver Dragon (V1) cable 2 pin - 4.4mm (limited promotion)

    Hello, Selling Moon Audio Silver Dragon (V1) cable 2 pin - 4.4mm. Excellent cable and is like new. I got it from another member from this community (I believe he was the original buyer). Great opportunity for European users to get it without paying customs fees. I’m selling because I sold my...
  13. ElecHires

    [Sold] VanNuys WM1A/Z

    hello, I want to sale my VanNuys case made for WM1A or 1Z, It is in very good state. If you have any question please ask me. Price include PayPal only shipping on you. what you see is what you get
  14. Victorfabius

    [SOLD] Sony WM1A

    Hello, Been using this as a ZX300 replacement, but haven't been spending too much time with it the last few months. Spent more time as a USB DAC than on the go, which really isn't the strength of the player. So, time to move on. In decent condition and comes with a clear TPU case. I may have...
  15. Benz-Fi

    Sony WM1A with Leather Case + Extras - SOLD

    For sale is a lightly used, never mistreated Sony WM1A player. - Reason for sale is that I recently got the WM1Z Player is in perfect condition, had a case on since new. Never left the house. Used this player as a means to listen to my closed headphones while roaming the house. Never over...
  16. ElecHires

    Sold Sony WM1A

    Hello i'm selling my WM1A purchased from "the source". It is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. i don't have the original box but i have all original accessories + a dignis case asked price 560€ pp+shipping included 170 hours audio
  17. N

    Looking for my End Game IEM, confused :-( (pro/experienced help needed))

    Hello Good People First must say I love this forum, up until now just as a reader and enjoying the threads. I really need some help from the IEM experts here, where I live, there is not much reference to listening to, so when thinking about buying, I cannot try before, so I know what I'm...
  18. jrbgarcia

    FS: WM1A with Music Sanctuary Premium Plus K mod $1200

    You get a 1 year old WM1A with a recent Music Sanctuary Premium Plus K mod. Had battery replaced as well so everything is brand new. 1A has zero dents and scratches, comes with the box and everything in it, including a black silicone case. Info on mod...
  19. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Sony WM1A & Leather Case

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD For sale is a Sony NW-WM1A in excellent condition with no visible imperfections. A nice screen protector is already in place and ready for use. I have not taken this dap outside my home, only from one room to another. This is...
  20. DrumSeb

    Sony Wm1z

    Sony Wm1z with a lot of extra. Cayin adapter 2.5mm to 4.4mm and 2 silicons case. Come with everything, in perfect condition second owner. asking 1900$ Thank you
  21. ElecHires

    SOLD Sony ZX300 + Dignis Case RED

    Hello, i want to sale my DAP Sony ZX300 i'm the first owner and i have the purchase receipt from amazon. it have been brought the 12 03 2019 (DD/MM/YYYY) i add a Dignis case brought the 13 03 2019 (DD/MM/YYYY) i have the purchase receipt to if you have any question do not hesitate.
  22. ElecHires

    SOLD VanNuys case for WM1A/Z

    hello For sale my VanNuys case for Sony WM1A or 1Z Is in good shape The price include PayPal
  23. ElecHires

    SOLD case dignis Wm1z/a

    Hello I put in sale a dignis case a dignis case model ARTISAN SERIES] MIDAS NW-WM1A/Z CASE. Is in very good shape it come with original box. PayPal included
  24. Carlsan

    Looking for a Sony Walkman NW-WM1A - FOUND

    Looking for a used Sony Walkman NW-WM1A in like new condition. Willing to pay ..., as the ebay used/refurbished price seems to be as low as ... and averaging around .... Let me know if you want a quick sale and some quick funds for your Sony Walkman NW-WM1A. Don't need any extras such as...
  25. ElecHires

    SOLD Sony WM1Z

    Hello, I am selling my wm1z still on warranty 2 years. it's in very good shape no scratch this is an EU model but uncapped. come with all original stuff, box and purchase. the price include shipping.